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SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk Review & TOPS HAKET review & Benchmade Model 172 Tomahawk Review

ABOVE : Tomahawks are hot and there's a wide range to choose from. Clockwise from the top are the SOG Fusion tactical Tomahawk, TOPS HAKET, and Benchmade Model 172 Tomahawk.

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Entry knives and tools — especially tomahawks — are a hot ticket right now, with many companies jumping into the fray. While tomahawk's make for excellent entry tools, make no mistake they serve double duty as weapons — a fact that hasn't been lost on our troops fighting overseas.

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Benchmade's 172 Tomahawk is a no-nonsense basher made specifically for destroying doors and windows, tearing off hinges with its pry-bar base, and wreaking general, all-round havoc with the backside of its spiked head. The lead edge of the axe head has no honed edge — it's purely for smashing; the 172's 38 ounces of carbon steel and G10 handle offer plenty of heft to get the job done!

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TOPS' HAKET, designed by Allen Jensen, is a "multi-axe" that can serve a wide variety of functions. The HAKET's hollow chrome-moly alloy handle has slots for the standard tomahawk head and other functional features can be adapted using a pair of Knurled bolts. The removable head can be taken off the handle to be used as a knife or inserted into the top of the handle to serve as a scraper.

Included is TOPS' Alligator Alley harpoon tip that can turn the handle into a spear and the back end of the tool has an edge that can be used for a pry-bar. When not in use, the HAKET and all its components pack tidily away in a black nylon carry bag.

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SOG's Tactical Tomahawk is a 2-pound smasher that is part of the company's affordable (under 40 bucks!) Fusion line. A 420 black hard-coated stainless steel axe head does the crunch work and the spike on the backside serves to penetrate whatever is unfortunate enough to get in its way.

The handle is made of tough fiberglass, reinforced nylon with heavy-duty bolts and a steel ferrule for stability. The SOG tactical Tomahawk is a hard-working tomahawk that can chop and split wood as well as take down bad guys. As you can see, there's no shortage of hot stuff in the tactical market — and the best news is that there's no shortage to choose from, no matter the size of your budget.

Because tactile feel and familiarization with materials is so important in buying a knife or tool, whenever possible, visit your local knife retailer or gun store (who carries a good selection of cutlery) and get some hands-on experience. There is no substitute for first-hand knowledge! Gun and knife shows are also an excellent place to do the same.

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SOG survival hawk tomahawk

Compact tomahawk with full-length stainless steel construction, glass-reinforced paracord wrapped nylon handle, with hidden fire starter. Includes nylon carry/ storage sheath.



SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini tomahawk

Smaller heavy-duty throwing hawk with large cutting edge, compact handle, and stainless steel pommel. Includes nylon carry/storage sheath.


Ontario Knife Company Forcible Entry

Ontario Knife Company Wyvern Axe

If you can't find a way, make one with the Ontario Knife Company Wyvern Crash Axe. Made in the USA, it's long enough (almost 19 inches) to put real oomph into a swing, yet compact enough to not be a pain in the ass for storage or transport.

How does it work? Make a series of impact points with the pick end, connect the dots with the axe's cutting surface, and then turn the axe around to use the breaching claw like a can opener.