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Best selling Vipertek stun gun

The VIPERTEK VTS-880 mini stun gun really packs a punch!

Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As the bright electric current pulsates between the test prongs and creates an intimidating electrical crackling sound, an attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks.

If the sight and sound doesn't stop him, a jolt from this stun gun certainly will bring an attacker down. When an attacker is touched by the stun gun it will disrupt the message the brain sends to the voluntary muscles.

Simply touching an attacker will deliver a high voltage shock causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation bringing him to his knees and making him incapable of further aggressive activity.



The STUN MASTER® LI'L GUY 12 MILLION VOLT STUN GUN WITH FLASHLIGHT and Nylon Holster. This little stun gun is small and compact with 4.4 milliamps depending on the charge of the batteries. It has a super bright LED flashlight, built-in charger, and comes with a nylon case. Don't let the name Stun Master* Li'l Guy fool you, It has a beast inside just waiting to be released. Just press the shock button and the Li'l Guy unleashes 12 Million volts out of the metal probes. The safety switch is off when in the down position, middle position is the super bright LED flashlight, and in the up position the shock is turned on once the trigger is pressed. Available in 9 colors: Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Snake Skin, Animal Print, and flower Design. Matching leatherette holster sold separately. LIFETIME WARRANTY


STUN MASTER® 4.5 MILLION VOLT MINI BATON comes with a rechargeable battery, LED Flashlight, Safety Switch, Safety Wrist Strap and Pull Pin. Special conductive screws will shock anyone trying to grab the stun baton from you.

If they touch anywhere near the screws on the barrel of the stun baton they will be shocked and forced to let go. 4.4 milliamps depending on the charge of the batteries. LIFETIME WARRANTY.


STUN MASTER® 12 MILLION VOLT STUN BATON - The rubberized coating ensures a firm grip and the strips down the barrel of the stun baton release a hellish shock to anyone trying to take the baton from you. It is rechargeable and has a super bright 3 function flashlight with 3 modes: a high beam, low beam, and strobe. The baton has a wrist strap with disable pin that prevents the stun gun from functioning if the baton gets taken away from you during an attack. Includes wrist strap disable pin, wall charger, and nylon holster. 4.6 milliamps depending on the charge of the battery. Available in 3 colors: Black, Pink, and Purple. LIFETIME WARRANTY.


The STUN MASTER® HOT SHOT is only 3 inches long and looks like a Blackberry or other hand-held mobile device. With a dazzling 11 million volts, it has the effect of a baseball bat, combined with the element of surprise. This uniquely designed stun gun is equipped with a safety on/off switch and an illuminated red light that tells you it's ready to unleash pain on your attacker. Uses 3 Lithium CR123A batteries (included free), a $10.00 value. Comes with a free nylon holster with belt loop. 48 milliamps depending on the freshness of the batteries. LIFETIME WARRANTY.


STUN MASTER® 20 MILLION VOLT BAD ASS METAL STUN BATON and FLASHLIGHT - Blind, Buzz and Bash! Introducing the all new Stun Master* Bad Ass! This 3 in 1 baton is the first combination of its kind made out of aircraft quality aluminum. It features a high end tactical flashlight and a powerful 20 million volt blast of electricity that will put the biggest, baddest attacker on well.... his ass.

Often imitated but never quite duplicated, the Bad Ass Baton is made of some of the strongest material known to man. The 120 Lumen super bright LED flashlight will provide that beacon of light in a dark and scary world. With its firm rubberized grip and wrist strap, the Bad Ass Baton can easily be used as a heavy duty clubber. At the front end of the baton is a jaw dropping 20 million volt stun gun. The baton emits an electrifying shock with the simple ease of pushing a button. 4.9 milliamps depending on the charge of the batteries. The baton includes charger cord. LIFETIME WARRANTY.


The STUN MASTER® 15 MILLION VOLT MINI BADASS FLASHLIGHT STUN GUN is made of high quality aircraft aluminum and delivers a shocking blow when used as a stun gun, flashlight, or baton, You can carry 15 million volts of stopping power almost anywhere with no one even knowing because the stun gun is concealed in the flashlight. Light up any attacker and leave them wishing they had never approached you. 4.7 milliamps depending on the charge of the batteries. LIFETIME WARRANTY.


The STUN MASTER® COVERT STUN GUN FLASHLIGHT is a great addition to your arsenal for self defense. The hidden probes make it look like it is just an ordinary flashlight. If given the chance this ordinary looking flashlight will pump 9 million volts right into any attacker, it is rechargeable in two different ways. It can be charged with the supplied wall charger and a cigarette lighter adaptor so it can be charged on the go. It comes with a standard wrist strap and has a rubberized coating to help secure a firm grip. 4.7 milliamps depending on the charge of the batteries. LIFETIME WARRANTY.


The STUN MASTER® 18 MILLION VOLT FLASHLIGHT STUN GUN with MOBILE CHARGER is made of high quality aircraft aluminum and delivers a shocking blow when used as a stun gun, flashlight, or baton. You can carry 18 million volts of stopping power almost anywhere with no one even knowing because the stun gun is concealed in the flashlight.

It has a built-in USB charger to charge iPods, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 5S, and a mini USB to charge most other smart phones. It also comes with a wall wall charger. Light up any attacker and leave them wishing they had never approached you. 4.6 milliamps depending on the charge of the batteries. LIFETIME WARRANTY.


The new and improved MULTIPURPOSE 10 MILLION VOLT STUN ALARM FLASHLIGHT is rechargeable and has LED bulbs in the flashlight. It features a stun gun function, 150 db alarm with steady red light, bright led flash light, led red flash light, led red flashing light for signaling, and shoulder strap. This is a great item for police, security, and for self defense. 4.8 milliamps depending on the charge of the battery. LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Is like having two stun guns in one. TWICE the contact -- totaling 1.2 million volts -- TWICE the stopping power! More effective than most stun guns because of the space between the contacts. The greater the space, the greater the effect. Most stun guns only have 1.5 inches.

  • Double Trouble has 5 inches between contacts.
  • Rubber Coated Soft Contour Grip to make it easy to hold and hang on to.
  • Safety switch is on the top with a red LED on/off indicator to let you know if the stun gun is ready to fire.
  • Also comes with a hand strap and FREE Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Clip ($15.00 Value).
  • Only 6 inches long. Weighs 6.9 oz.
  • Uses two CR123A batteries (included).


The KNUCLE BLASTER is a 950,000 Volt stun gun designed to give you a punch with power. Just touch your attacker to instantly repel them and give you time to get away. Longer contact will cause further disorientation and after some seconds may drop them to their knees.

  • Uses 2 Lithium batteries (included).
  • Comes with a FREE nylon belt holster ($15.00 Value)
  • designed to allow quick access and deployment of this amazing stun weapon.
  • This patented device has a soft rubber skin and is sized to accommodate all hand sizes.
  • A safety switch is built in and accessible to your thumb. Once you grab the Knuckle

Blaster stun gun you can flip off the safety and fire with the same hand. No need to use two hands. One year warranty


Buy Runt stun guns online cheap

THE RECHARGEABLE 20 MILLION VOLT RUNT STUN GUNS now has an LED flashlight and wrist strap disable pin. It's easily concealable, and virtually undetectable in the hand of a woman or a man. The Runt uses a new cutting edge micro-technology to deliver super powere d protection. You can carry the Runt in your hand or pocket. It also has a rubberized coating for a better grip. If you would like to wear it like a cell phone there is a heavy duty nylon belt loop holster included. Available in 6 colors: Black, Pink, Red, Purple, Green, and Blue. Specifications: 4.5 milliamps depending on the charge of the batteries, 20,000,000 volts, Rechargeable.


TASER (not for sale)

The TASER Electronic Control Devices are non-lethal, self-defense alternatives that are almost 100% effective.

They combine the injury reducing benefits of traditional stun technology with a quantum leap in stopping power via new Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology. In police studies, TASEP®electronic control devices have a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun.

The TASEP® control devices use replaceable cartridges which contain compressed nitrogen to deploy two small probes that attach to the main unit by insulated conductive wires with a maximum length of 15 feet. 50,000 volts travels over the wires and overrides the central nervous system providing incredible take down power. The energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing.

These devices can stop a threat up to 15 feet away, allowing you a safe distance to protect yourself and your family from an attacker.

If a dose quarter defense is warranted, TASEP® devices double as contact stun devices to repel someone as a powerful and unexpected backup capability.

Cartridges for TASER® devices have a unique serial numbers and are equipped with an Anti-Felon Identification system, which discharges 20-30 serialized paper tags when deployed. Law enforcement can later retrieve this confetti from the scene and contact TASER® International to get the name of the owner of the device, allowing police to track any potential misuse. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee included with each device.

The TASER® C2 GOLD KIT™ has everything a user needs to carry and practice using the TASER® C2™ device. Utilizing the same technology as their proven law enforcement models, the C2™ has incredible take down power. Dimensions of TASEP® C2™ device: 5-1/2" x 2-1/10" x 1-1/4"

Our most popular product: Rechargable Micro Stun Gun


States Where Stun Guns Are Illegal: Rhode Island, Michigan, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and New York.

A few cities such as Philadelphia and Baltimore have enacted city stun gun illegal laws, even though the state laws do not prohibit the possession of a stun gun. It should also be noted that some of the states that allow possession of a stun gun do not allow them to be taken to school or other public buildings.

Stun gun laws map USA legal states

State Legal for Consumer
Permit Required for Consumers
to Possess
Alabama Legal No permit required
Alaska Legal No permit required
Arizona Legal No permit required
Arkansas Legal No permit required
California Legal No permit required
Colorado Legal No permit required
Connecticut Legal in Home only n/a
Delaware Legal No permit required
District of Columbia Illegal No permit required
Florida Legal No permit required
Georgia Legal No permit required
Hawaii Illegal n/a
Idaho Legal No permit required
Illinois Legal with FOID
Click here to apply FOID
permit required
Indiana Legal (TASER subject to requirement of handgun license) No permit required
Iowa Legal permit required
Kansas Legal No permit required
Kentucky Legal No permit required
Louisiana Legal No permit required
Maine Legal No permit required
Maryland Legal except
Prohibited in Annapolis, Baltimore & Howard County
No permit required
Massachusetts Illegal n/a
Michigan Legal with Firearm license
Can only purhcase from local dealer
No online purchase.
permit required
Minnesota Legal No permit required
Mississippi Legal permit required
Missouri Legal No permit required
Montana Legal No permit required
Nebraska Legal No permit required
Nevada Legal No permit required
New Hampshire Legal No permit required
New Jersey Illegal n/a
New Mexico Legal No permit required
New York Illegal n/a
North Carolina Legal
(no concealed carry outside of own premises)
No permit required
North Dakota Legal permit required to carry conceal
Ohio Legal No permit required
Oklahoma Legal No permit required
Oregon Legal No permit required
Pennsylvania Legal except
Prohibited in Philadelphia
No permit required
Rhode Island Illegal n/a
South Carolina Legal No permit required
South Dakota Legal No permit required
Tennessee Legal No permit required
Texas Legal No permit required
Utah Legal No permit required
Vermont Legal No permit required
Virginia Legal No permit required
Washington Legal No permit required
West Virginia Legal No permit required
Wisconsin Legal with CCW license
Click here to apply CCW
permit required
Wyoming Legal No permit required

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