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A GOOD SCOPE For The Desert Tactical SRS A1 in .260 Remington

This rifle needs a very good scope and mounts. I chose a Schmidt & Bender 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short with P4 Fine reticle. My opinion is that illuminated reticles are unnecessary, so this is a non-illuminated model. The optics are superb, and the turrets work to perfection. It is a first focal plane scope, and the reticle at first appears to be too fine, but it is still fine at 20 power, and it can be easily seen in poor light. This is an expensive scope, and heavy at 870 grams, but anything less would not do justice to the rifle’s inherent accuracy. The mounts are 12.5 mm high 34mm Recknagel on a 12.5mm riser rail, making 25mm total mounting height.

Schmidt & Bender PMII