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Otis Technology Patriot Gun Cleaning Kit

otis series patriot cleaning kit



I've been using Otis' pull-through cleaners on AR-15s for a while now, and I'm ashamed to admit I had one big problem with them: I had a hell of a time getting all the components back into the little zippered kit they came in.

The new Patriot series for the AR not only solves this admittedly personal failing with larger, easier-to-use packaging, it also comes with a few upgrades. If you've never used one of these pull-throughs, they're pretty slick.

Thread a slotted patch holder onto one end of the flexible "rod" and push from muzzle to chamber. Affix a patch and pull it back through. Swap out the slot tip for a bronze brush and repeat, pulling the brush from breech to muzzle. Finish off with a patch or two until clean.

The new Patriot includes a tool that does triple duty as a handle for the flexible rod, as a bit driver and as a chamber cleaner (via a supplied steel rod that threads onto the tool and a specially designed chamber brush).

The tool is threaded on one end for the steel rod and has an open hex on the other to accommodate the four bits—two Phillips head, one flat screwdriver and one Torx. The bits themselves fit into the body of the tool.

To use as a handle for the flexible rod, simply slide the free end of the rod into a recess in the side of the tool, and pulling is much easier. All this—plus a cleaning brush and two metal cleaning picks—come in a handy snap - closed plastic case . It's a great way to keep your AR shooting like it should.— J . Scott Rupp