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X-Optics Night Commet Night Vision

X-Optics Night Commet Night Vision

THE NIGHT Comet is a professional night vision instrument produced by X-Optics in the Netherlands and quality approved by Lloyd's Register. It offers clear and crisp images, even in complete darkness.

The Night Comet has powerful 5x magnification and excellent distant visibility up to 450 metres. The 50mm lens results in greater light amplification and increased viewing distance. Using the best A+ tube and a built-in infra red illuminator, the Night Comet provides the user with an unparalleled bright image.

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Pulsar Digisight N850 Thermal Scope

The only discount Night Vision Riflescope with built in LRF In a leap forward for non-military use night vision, Pulsar Night Vision is now marketing this remarkable optic to the general pumblic. Check out the performance of this amazing sight in this youtube video.

Its extensive feature list includes • Day/night operation - Long detection range-out to 600 metre depending on model, Very sensitive CCD array • Laser IR with three power levels • LRF out to 400 metres • 3-shot zero function • Three rifle zero distance memory • 67mm eye relief • Shockproof to 6000 joules = .375H&H • 13 selectable reticles-4 colour choices • 13mm click value @ 100 metres • Watreproof IPX7 • wireless remote control • Long battery life/external power supply • Video out socket for recording • Silent operation • 3-year warranty.

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Yukon Head Mount NV Tracker Night Vision :: Who doesn't want to be able to see in the dark?

Yukon NV Tracker Cheap

While navigating to the toilet in the middle of the night without turning on the lights would be awesome, the potential uses for Yukon night vision goggles are endless. While not the cheapest toy (I mean, very useful man tool), you can buy your own for under $1000. The Yukon NV Tracker is a lightweight pair of image intensifying goggles built for seeing in the dark. While even a trickle of ambient light is enough for normal use, the Tracker night vision goggles also has powerful IR illumination for when it's totally dark. The body is rubber coated to handle any bumps and is also water resistant in case it starts to rain. The battery life is around 30 hours and pinholes in the lens caps even mean you can use the binoculars during the day. Spying on your neighbours has never been so easy. We also carry a range of night vision accessories.

Bushnell Equinox 3x30mm Night Vision Monocular

Bushnell Equinox 3x30mm Digital Night Vision Monocular

Bushnell continuing to expand their quality affordable hunting optics has introduced a new Equinox series 3x30mm digital night vision device.

The night vision monocular uses the latest digital technology to provide ultra-crisp, clear images and a dual output mode that allows users to display images in traditional green or the newer black and white.

The green display night vision view is ideal for almost-dark to completely dark conditions, while the black and white display is optimal when some ambient light is available, either at dusk or dawn, or under bright moonlight giving a different color/definition view.