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New Pelican iM2275 Storm Case




While most weapons are designed to endure rough handling and the worst environments the world has to offer, they can seem remarkably fragile when it come s to storage and transportation.

Thankfully, Pelican produces some of the toughest cases to keep our guns happy and protected. The company's new iM2275 Storm Case offers unprecedented protection for this purpose.


Most of us will never have to ship our gun s to the International Space Station. However, if we do, this Pelican Storm Case includes a Vortex Valve that will automatically equalize pressure anywhere from sea level to outer space.

Press-and-pull latches offer two levels of protection against inadvertent activation. Molded-in steel-reinforced hasps accommodate standard padlocks for security. A double-layered soft grip handle makes it easy and comfortable to tote the Storm Case long distances.

The case's body is comprised of light-weight, functionally indestructible HPX resin. The case is also waterproof, dust-proof, crush proof, and comes backed by a full lifetime guarantee.

The "Pick-n-Pluck" foam allows the case interior to be customized for your unique needs and is just cool as can be. You lay whatever you want protected on top of the foam. Mark around it with chalk or designate the corners with toothpicks.

You then pick the small foam cubes out to make space for your items. Layered foam allows the depth to be adjusted, or multiple items to be stored at multiple levels within the case. The process is not unlike working a puzzle in reverse and remains both easy to use and infinitely versatile.


Pelican Storm and configurations. Long cases tote long guns for civilian, military and law enforcement applications. Specialized cases accommodate laptop computers and other sensitive electronics.

Some cases are available that specifically meet airline carry-on restrictions, and there are rugged in-line wheels on the bulkier models for ease of transport. Everything about these awesome gorilla-tough carrying cases is made right here in the U.S.A.

Low-end Pelican case s will set you back maybe $40 while the truly good stuff might be a couple of C-notes. But if you take your defensive iron seriously and have to ship or move it long distances, the investment you make in a proper case is an investment in your investment.

In a world where a strategic scratch can mean a diminution in value of hundreds of dollars or more, a decent armored case is imminently sensible. Secure a zip tie through each of the hasps, affix a shipping label, and you are ready to send most anything safely via any commercial carrier.

"You get what you pay for" is a literally timeless idiom that warns of the heartbreak of substandard service that stems from the purchase of substandard goods.

As it relates to gun cases, this simply means that balancing proper quality against a reasonable price protects your valuable iron against the ravages of a pitiless fallen world.

If you care enough to invest in a firearm upon which you might entrust your very life, it seems only reasonable to take some modest steps to keep it safe and functional.

Pelican Storm Cases offer such rarefied peace of mind as this. Versatile, stylish and built tire-iron tough, the Pelican iM2275 protects the stuff that protects you. (pelican.com) — Will Dabbs, MD

Pelican storm waterproof case iM2275