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Leica Magnus i.

New Leica Magnus i scope release

Improved excellence

A crystal clear, high-contrast image for perfect vision at all times of day and deep into twilight hours, paired with extraordinarily wide fields of view and 100 per cent reliable, robust engineering: proven in the field, Leica Magnus riflescopes have embodied these qualities for years. For us, however, perfection must be built into even the tiniest details.

This is why we have collaborated with Leica riflescope users on the numerous innovative and practical details of our Magnus i models - and have now perfected an already excellent product. The new, tool-free, turret scale zeroing offers significant advantages when sighting-in, and the diameter of the already extremely crisp, bright red dot has been further reduced for even better long-range capability.

The illumination system has been revised to considerably reduce battery drain, and changing batteries is easier than ever before. All of which gives you the freedom to concentrate on what's essential: safe, precise shots and a perfect hunting experience.