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SOG Kiku Knife Review

SOG Kiku Knife

It’s no secret I’m addicted to sharp steel. My love for well-built knives, regardless of size or type, is an affair going on 41 years now. I brought my first pocketknife in for show and tell in kindergarten. After I bragged about my grandfather and why he gave me the miniature folder, the teacher took it for safekeeping until the end of the day — not because she thought I would hurt someone. She told my dad she feared someone would like it more than me and steal it.

Times certainly have changed — I’d be doing two to 10 years in Juvie if I did that today. I have a few knives in my collection and I have to say only a few really old ones are just for show. The rest are tools and are used for their intended purpose. When the SOG Kiku arrived I was immediately taken in by its overall look. Kiku Matsuda is known for making some amazing blades and this one lives up to his and SOG’s reputation. The Kiku has an overall length of 9.76" and is one of the best fixed blade knives I've come across.

The “wicked sharp” AUS-8 Stainless steel blade measures 4.9". The linen micarta handle not only looks great but feels like it was molded for my hand. With a total of weight of 8.5 ounces, this is a lot of knife at a weight that won’t wear you down. SOG knows the end user needs to be able to transport their gear in an effective manner or it will be left at home, or worse, lost in the field. The rugged sheath design has an adjustable belt loop and lash points built into the sheath to suit your daily mission.

Building up SOG's long tradition of honouring Japanese knife makers, the new fixed-blade Kiku uses the collaborative design talents of SOG and Kiku Matsuda, one of the foremosttactical knife designers in Japan. SOG and Master Kiku Matsuda have won many awards on collaborations before and this knife should turn heads also. Featuring an elegant linen micarta handle, it's rugged yet easy to clean, while the AUS8 stainless steel blade is set up for years of reliable service.

Not just a collectors piece, but also a fine work horse, this knife is satin finished, features a drop-point blade construction, is almost 26cms in overall length with 14.2cm blade and comes complete with a well made sheath.

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Hardcore Hardware MILF-01 Folder Knife

Hardcore Hardware MILF-01 Folder Combat Knife

HHA have just released the MILF-01, the renown combat cutlers first custom made tactical folder. Made from premium CPM S30V steel, the MILF-01 has some very interesting design features. HHA have modified the traditional drop-point blade design adding expertly hollow ground contours and a concave profile which give the blade exceptional strength, durability and edge retention.

The folding action can be adjusted to your personal speed preference via the Torx head pivot point and the removable thumb stud which can locate into any of the three beveled blade holes. Made from high quality components including Phosphor Bronze washers, stainless liner, G10 solid back spacer and scales, the MILF-01 folder is built to last.

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The Trail Master Bowie Knife by Cold Steel :: More Bang For Your Buck :: Strongest Blade Ever

Cold Steel TrailMaster Bowie Knife

THE TRAIL Master Bowie Knife in Carbon V which retails for about $430 (check out the today's special discount knife price), is the most knife for your money. According to the Cold Steel catalogue, "in terms of sharpness, edge holding, strength and sheet cutting power, it will out perform any factory made knife... and 99 per cent of all hand forged knives as well."

Cold Steel is prepared to back all their claims about the Trail Master series of blades through their documentary video, which offers visible proof of its strength. This is a testiment to the confidence in the sheer strength of this blade are the many video presentations of the knife actually performing as said.

All Cold Steel knives are shaving sharp, strong enough to withstand an excursion through a car door, are able to withstand more weight pressure on their locks than 99 per cent of their competitors and retain an edge even after repeatedly cutting pinewood.



The first knife from Maxpedition features a sleek jet-black blade with optimal point and edge geometries to provide a high degree of control during precise cutting tasks. Combine an ergonomic fiber-reinforced nylon handle with a fast-action opening flipper and you have a trusted quality tool that will perform in any situation or environment. Available in a plain or serrated edge and in three different colors — black, green and khaki.

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The Templeton is a mid-sized tanto with a gunner's style grip. The knife blade rotates just shy of 80 degrees, allowing for a more pistol grip-like feel. A finger guard moonlights as a flipper device when the knife is closed and the use of the ORB pivot system and tri-spoke pivot assembly make this knife nearly effortless to open. The large jimping on the blade spine acts as a thumb rest; where the blade meets the frame, the jimps are continued and widened to increase confidence in your grip during heavy use. The rear of the handle is slightly elongated to allow the knife to extend slightly past your palm and helps with stability.

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Stealth Fighter Knife

Designed with the fast sleek lines of the Stealth Fighter Jet in mind, this utility fighting folder is a great fit in your hand. The flipper extension on the bottom of the blade makes for fast, effortless opening. The reverse curve blade is 3-7/8" long and 5/32" thick, and is made of S35V steel. It has an overall length of 5-1/4" closed, and is fitted with a titanium pocket clip to keep it in place. There are decorative holes and slots in the blade. The liners are titanium. Shown with carved micarta handles, great for gripping and carbon fiber bolsters. Many different handle materials and several different blade shapes available.

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Brighter Priced Fighters :: Fixed Blade Fighting Knives

Kabar Model 1271, top. Buck Model 650 and Buck Model 655

ABOVE : Kabar Model 1271, (top). Buck Model 650 (middle) and Buck Model 655 (bottom) knives.

With the strengthening US dollar in America, knives are now on offer in at lower prices than they've been in the past - so long as you know where to look for them!

Is it always better to buy knives from a recognised supplier? the simple answer in NO! Surprised?? This is because, if a manufacturing problem arises to do with your purchase, you are ALWAYS referred to the manufacturer to negotiate a warranty claim. So place of purchase in the modern age is now "buy your knife at the lowest price".

To promote the point, featured here are excellent examples of top-quality, US-made knives in popular trademarks bearing a 'fighter blade' configuration.

Now, before the anti-everything brigade launches into complaints about promoting fighting knives, the name merely denotes a blade configuration.

Differently shaped blades are accorded traditional names - styles in the vein of puukko, Bowie, navaja, Loveless hunter (and fighter), Green River skinner, Cold Steel tanto, Moran camp/cook knife, Dadley mariner knife and so on. Just because a type of shaver is called a 'cut-throat razor', for instance, doesn't suggest the user should use it for any purpose other than shaving. Likewise, because a knife is called a 'fighter' doesn't imply the user ought use it for anything other than as an edged tool Robust fighter blades generally make handy outdoor-survival and bushcraft belt knives; they are sturdy and able to accommodate tough tasks to do with slicing, piercing and an ability to do some chopping jobs. The Kabar Model 1271 shown here also has a steel buttcap, which facilitates grinding, crushing and hammering activities.

Both the Kabar and Buck Model 655 have partially serrated blades - a trade off for an entirely plain edge, as on the Buck Model 650, to enable the user to more efficiently slice such hard materials as nylon rope and plastic strapping. A distinct characteristic of fighting knife blade configuration is the modified clipped point and a long false-edge ground for almost the length of the back of the blade. Both stylish and functional, the long grind also helps to reduce blade weight on thick and strong blades.

The Buck models have a tactile nylon/rubber grip with an integrated quillon (guard) and thumb ramp. The partially serrated Buck 655 has a 13cm 420HC blade ground from 6mm blade steel; the Buck 650 plain-edge model has a 15cm blade. The Kabar 1271 has a USMC signature ringed grip in Kraton, furnished with a sturdy cross-guard and steel buttcap. The 4mm-thick, 20cm-long partially serrated blade is fashioned from 1095 cro-van blade steel.

All knives have heavy-duty nylon belt sheaths. And the prices? Well, that's the good bit - from $100 to $115, if you know where to look!

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Svord Knives

Svord Knives

MADE IN NEW Zealand by master cutler Bryan Baker, each knife is hand crafted with attention paid to heat treating each blade. Bryan uses high quality carbon steel and knows just what it takes to produce a knife with razor sharp edge. I have personally used one for the past decade or so now and believe they are capable of holding a sharp edge longer than many others I have sampled.

As stated on previous occasions, Svord knives in my opinion don't have any fancy, gimmicky looks to them and are more so very plain in appearance, however, it's their performance that counts and these are a definite work horse. Bryan's hardening and tempering process is a well kept secret and what gives his knives the edge. Widely used in New Zealand by many professional venison recovery operators, they are indeed a pleasure to use. In fact one well known meat shooter from Te Anau, taking 15 to 25 deer in a day's work says his Svord will gut and dress 3 or 4 deer with ease before requiring sharpening.

One of my favourites is the little "Bird and Trout" caper. A knife I've owned and used for years and ideal for caping out a deer head or simply skinning a fox or carcass.

Svord knives, in my opinion, are made like a custom knife, but don't cost the earth. There are many knives in the Svord range which are now available in America.

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Spanish Muela knives for hunters

The Muela knife company was founded in Spain in the 1950s. Ampro Sales in Petone, agents for Muela for over 30 years, has now enlarged the range on offer to hunters with some outstanding custom grade knives. Martensitic steel is cut, ground, and thermally treated, and the knives are then assembled and finished by hand, and fitted to a leather sheath.

Muela hunting knives

Models include:

    • Alcaraz 19S, with stag antler handles matched to a 190mm single-edged blade and fitted with a brass hand-guard. RRP $199.99,
    • DP-10A, a purpose designed 100mm skinning blade matched with a polished stag antler handle and a brass hand-guard. RRP $99.99,
    • Pioneer-14.OL, a classic clip-point blade (130mm) matched with a no-frills, natural finish olive wood handle. RRP $149.99,
    • BW-19, a Bowie style sticking knife. 160mm blade (single-edged) with a pressed Coralwood handle and solid brass pommel and hand-guard. RRP $169.99,
    • Mouse-7A, a compact skinning and caping knife with curved 70mm blade with generous finger hook. Stag handle with full tang. RRP $149.99.

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Norway Helle Mandra Knife

Spinning whetstones by hand, the brothers steinar and Sigmund Helle started making knives in their tiny village on Norway's west coast in 1932. The factory is still there, and the knives are still made by hand, alas, with the help of electricity these days.

Helle uses a triple laminate steel for all its blades; the inner, core material is a hard carbon steel sandwiched by a stainless alloy for protection from corrosion. Its newest creation is the svelte, three-fingered Mandra neck knife (pronounced mondra) with a curly birch handle and beautiful leather sheath that typifies old-world craftsmanship.

Blade length: 2.71 inches.

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Maserin - Knives From Italy

Maserin Italian knife review

In 1960 Maserin Fervido started the production of knives after having worked with master cutlers for many years previously. His intention was to produce a high-quality range of cutlery which would be purpose built, attractive and ultimately functional and durable. This model the Masserin M760/IC6 folder is one such model.

Aimed at being sheathed or in a pack, as it is a little large for pocket carry, it was designed to be used as a primary hunting/ skinning knife.

With a nicely curved drop point 440 stainless special heat-treated 90mm blade, smooth and attractive olive wood scales with brass rivets and stainless bolster, it also features a two-tone, laser etched wild boar engraving.

This knife offers a solid feel, excellent fit and finish to all components and comes with a shaving sharp factory edge out of the box.

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