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THE NEW RANGE OF LED EMERGENCY FLASHLIGHTS: Let's think about the times that we've suddenly and unexpectedly needed a flashlight. For many of us, the last blackout we experienced probably to mind. Blackouts, like emergencies, almost always a surprise. Whether we find ourselves in the dark due to an overloaded circuit breaker or a much greater disaster, being able to locate a flashlight to assess what's going on becomes an urgent concern.

MAKE & MODELSureFire GZX Pro5.11 Tactical TP TL2 251LED Lenser D14
MAX. LUMEN OUTPUT 320 251 135
MAX RUNTIME 45 hrs. (low mode) 58.5 hrs. (low mode) 15hrs.
OVERALL LENGTH 5.2 in 5.25 in 6.3 in
WEIGHT WITH BATTERIES 4.4 oz 3 oz 7.8 oz.
BATTERY TYPE CR123A (two, included) CR123A (two, included) AA (four, included)
CONTROLS Tail-cap switch; light press for momentary, click for constant on Tail-cap switch; light press for momentary, twist for constant on Three-position constant on selector switch
MSRP $70 $45 $70

If you don't happen to have a flashlight in your pocket when darkness descends - how many people keep flashlights in their PJs - how would you quickly find a torch with no electricity? Yes, our tactically black flashlights may look sexy, but their stealthy color can make them harder to find than a ninja on a nighttime mission. This is where we reach for a brighter alternative, and by brightness we're not talking about lumens.

MAKE & MODELNightstick NSP-2422RStreamlight 3AA ProPolymer DualiePelican SabreLight 2010PL
MAX. LUMEN OUTPUT 130 140 161
MAX RUNTIME 7 in 7 in 8.11 in
OVERALL LENGTH 10.5 hrs. 18 hrs. 22 hrs.
WEIGHT WITH BATTERIES 6.4 oz. 6.8 oz 13.4 oz.
BATTERY TYPE AA (three, included) AA (three, included) C (three, not included)
CONTROLS Dual constant on/momentary side
push-button switches
Dual constant on/momentary side
push-button switches
Bezel activated, twist to turn on and off
MSRP $23 $52 $86

Torches with high-visibility bodies aren't just for construction sites. With their brightly colored housings, they're inherently easy to spot in dim environments or smoke- and dust-filled areas. That's why firefighters use them. Some models even have glow-in-the-dark bodies.

If you need to pack an easy-to-find light source in a go-bag or in your nightstand, consider going with a high-vis flashlight. It could prevent you from scrambling when there's a real crisis or, at the least, save you from stubbing a toe in the middle of the night.

Let's browse six of the latest high-visibility flashlights and see which deserves glowing praise.

Surefire G2X Pro LED Flashlight

SureFire G2X PRO LED Flashlight

This school-bus yellow version of the G2X Pro might be the brightest-colored SureFire flashlight that we've seen yet. it has a grippy Nitrolon polymer body and a durable aluminum head that houses a two output high-efficiency LED. In its low setting it gives off 15 lumens of light while its high setting shines a 320-lumon beam.

To activate the G2X Pro, press its rubberized tail-cap switch for momentary-on or press until it clicks for constanton light. Pressing the switches within two seconds toggles it from low to high mode.

Pros : Feels solid in the hand, dual-light settings.

Cons : Yellow body color can stand to be even brighter.

5.11 Tactical TPT LL2 251 LED Flashlight

5.11 Tactical TPT l2 251 LED Flashlight

5.11's TPT L2 251 has a square-shaped head that prevents it from inadvertent rolling and is built from water and impact-resistant polymer composite for maximum durability. It offers 3.5 hours of runtime and 251 lumens of bright light on high mode.

The TPT L2 is very light in weight and compact in size. It features a quality Cree LED and a regulated circuit for consistent performance. Its switch allows for seamless transitions across high, low, and strobe modes.

Pros : Rubberized gripping surfaces, small size.

Cons : No pocket clip.

LED Lenser D14 Flashlight

LED Lenser D14 LED Flashlight

Originally developed for underwater use, the bright yellow D14 is equipped with a unique cooling system that allows it to be operated on land as well in the depths of the sea.

Its beam distance is listed at 590 feet and its unique thumb-toggled constant-on selector switch can be moved left or right to turn the flashlight on. The switch features magnetic parts that resist corrosion.

Pros : Oval-shaped body is easy to grip.

Cons : No squared contours, allowing it to roll easily.

Nightstick NSP-2422R LED Flashlight

Nightstick NSP 2422R LED Flashlight

Finished in safety orange, the N5P-2422R is a dual-light flashlight that not only has a long throw spotlight, but a wide view floodlight as well. Its spotlight is equipped with a 130-lumen Cree LED and a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector that allows for an effective range of over 590 feet.

Its separately activated 110-Lumen floodlight is built into the flashlight's body and gives off a pattern of wide, unfocused light. Both lights can be turned on at the same time or just one at a time. The waterproof, impact-resistant polymer body has magnet s located in its base and the pocket clip for convenient hands-free usage.

Pros : Magnetic hands-free use, separate flood and spotlights, and the most affordable option in this bunch.

Cons : Its large pocket clip can make it awkward to grip.

Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer Dualie LED Flashlight

Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer Dualie LED Flashlight

The 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO is madp of a shock-resistant, antistatic, nonconductive, and lightweight polymer and is finished in high-visibility florescent yellow. As easy as it may be to find in a dark bag or smoky room, its real strength is its triple-use lighting.

It has two activation switches that operate its primary 140-lumen spotlight and 140-lumen secondary floodlight independently. If you need more light, the two LEDs can be activated at the same time giving you access to double the light.

Pros : Dual-light options, one-handed operation.

Cons : It can roll off surfaces due to no flat edges.

Pelican SabreLight 2010PL LED Flashlight

Pelican Sabrelite 2010 LED Flashlight

Even quicker to spot than its neon-yellow-colored body, the 2010PL is outfitted with a photo luminescent bezel shroud that allows it to glow brightly in the dark. Making it easy to find in low or no light means no fumbling in the dark to find it. The SabreLite 2010PL produces a 161-lumen white collimated beam that provides up to 10,000 hours of lamp life and 22 hours of burn time on three C-sized alkaline batteries.

And, being a C-sized light, the large body is hard to misplace. You won't lose this guy to the depths of the kitchen junk drawer.

Pros : Glow-in-the-dark shroud makes it easy to find in the dark.

Cons : Requires two hands to activate.


  1. Surefire G2X Pro LED Flashlight
  2. 5.11 Tactical TPT LL2 251 LED Flashlight
  3. LED Lenser D14 Flashlight
  4. Nightstick NSP-2422R LED Flashlight
  5. Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer Dualie LED Flashlight
  6. Pelican SabreLight 2010PL LED Flashlight

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