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The US army sniper along with Marine snipers are some of the dealiest soldiers in the world. While often not spoken about during times of war due to their secretive nature and mission critical deployment, they border in the realm of the unknown until now with revealing heavily ghillie suit clad sniper video footage, sniper movie and sniper training techniques. The US army sniper usually operates with a spotter under heavy camouflage in association with other soldiers offering concealed support - often in high quality ghillie suits during operations, counter sniper operations as well as taking out specific targets though this is a generalisation of the military snipers vast duties.

Marine snipers may or may not be deployed with other Marines - sometimes operating individually depending on the scenario. While the US army sniper is a well trained and competent solider in their own right, Marine snipers undergo different aspects of training and levels of physical fitness. A US Marine is taught to survive in some of the harshest conditions known to man, thus Marine snipers can become terminator-like in their persuit of the mission while protected from spotting with ghillie camo. They not only learn how to make an improvised ghillie suit, but also how ghillie suits should be worn - remember, you are moving through bush with a sizeable layer of camouflage on you - stealth is still the objective.

Outside of the military sniper, they are thought of, and on occassion referred to as a sniper assassin commonly seen in your favorite sniper movie. The sniper assassin is often a privately trained or even sometimes an ex-military sniper for hire with the US sniper highly favored due to the regular and active US sniper training and concealment. They can be found engaging in smaller conflicts in some of the worlds hot-spots utilizing different color ghillie suits to adapt to the terrain where ever civil unrest continues to divide countries (as typically portreyed in the sniper movie of the day). The sniper assassin is often paid well to take out high value targets with near invisibility in the field, as well as being called on for urban sniper duties.

Operating on the one shot one kill principal and competing against themselves for the longest sniper shot, they are precision executioners of opressing forces. The military sniper is commonly seen wearing the fammed US sniper gear - the Woodland Ghillie Suit when engaging the enemy in-field and always carrying a highly tuned sniper rifle.


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As far as sniper gear goes, there is much argument over military sniper rifles with sniper vs sniper as to the best sniper rifle between German engineered HK rifles in 308 (NATO 7.62mm), the Russian Dragunov sniper rifle, Various US rifles including the Remington 308 and now larger .50 Cal rifles winning the race for the longest sniper shot.

Sniper equipment and concealment is usually specific to every individual mission with the urban sniper usually not needing a leafy ghillie suit, though they may require different optics suited to city environments or counter sniper operations.

One important note is that the professional sniper also conceals their weapon with ghillie rifle covers - a blend of ghillie netting and ghillie thread. Simply having the weapon painted in camouflage colors is not enough as they still have "un-natural" flat surfaces the enemy may pick up. Many soldiers become proficient at DIY ghillie suits and weapon concealment so they are perfectly camouflaged for any occasion.


The Sniper :: Below is some of the best real life sniper shooting I have ever seen. There is no mention whether the soldier is a Navy Sniper or Marine Sniper.

One Mile Kill Shot With The .50 M82 Barrett Sniper Rifle

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