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Somehow the lumens get bigger and the lights get smaller. I used to think some of these flashlights were over kill until I tasked them with jobs suitable to their size. Especially after a class at Gunsite. I was taught the thing which defeats light is — light. Well then, give me the 2,200 lumen monster and let's see who can still see!

While ANSI FL-1 flashlight standards provide basic guidelines for comparing different lights, end user preference ultimately determines the light that meets that serviceman's needs. While basic information is provided here, more detailed research by the war fighter may be needed, and this often happens when he or she has the chance to physically go to retailer to compare lights, much like trying on a pack for fit.

The Gear Guide focuses mainly on light output and beam distance, where that information was available. Additional considerations must include the need for different colored lenses or LEDs, and possibly even more important- a steady supply of that light's type of battery on the battlefield.

Combat Flashlight For Soldiers

Be Prepared :: The Police Perspective

A little forethought, on what you're likely to run across on your beat and planning will make life on the streets a little more tolerable for you and your co-workers. You may be a "hero" to your partner when his flashlight batteries die or when a sudden headache develops in the middle of the shift. After all, as Reserve/Auxiliary Officers, isn't that our job — to "be there"?

Stocking the most popular brand LED flashlights for survivalist, preppers, outdoor activities and general home use. Not surprisingly, the humble torch or rather, flashlight has evolved over the years from it's original fuel powered format such as an oil lamp or candle, to the more modern battery powered filament bulb versions. And as we continue with technological advances, we have moved to the modern LED flashlight which offers more light at less power. Flashlights now also come purpose built for firearms, drone mounting and head mounted flashlights for hands-free use.

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Surefire Flashlight - Cree R5 - Ultrafire C3 - Ultrafire - Maglight - Ultra Fire - Surefire - Streamlight

Ultrafire CR123, WF-138, WF-606A, WF-139, SSC P7, RL-2088, WF-1000L, WF-188, WF-500, 504B

LED Flashlights are affordable, and become essential on a regular basis. Ever had the power go out? How about the car braking down on the side of the road? Or simply drop something behind a piece of furniture at home? The discount flashlight has 101 uses and need not be an expensive addition to your daily kit of essential life tools!

A great selection of rechargable flashlights, solar powered and self charging (torches with their own generators) flashlights are available to be delivered direct to your door.


The approach to 12V auto electrics can often make or break a reliable touring set-up. Done the right way, you can be essentially self-sufficient for campsite power. Check out these beaut auto electrical set-ups.

  1. Setting up a 12V system in your RV requires a bit of prior planning long before you start running the wires. By using boxes to house the relays, fuses and distribution blocks you can ensure cargo won't damage your equipment.

  2. If you're looking to set your vehicle up with 12V lights, you'll need to determine the current they are likely to draw. LED and fluorescent units are both power-efficient options, which is the primary consideration when you're running them off a finite DC power supply.

  3. 12V set-ups should be fitted with a manual isolating switch, because you never know when you'll need to cut power in a hurry. Make sure the isolator is rated to take the maximum current capacity of the wiring.

  4. It's recommended electrical equipment like a 220V inverter be mounted up high that helps protect them should you get in over your depth while crossing a river. The size of an inverter is measured in watts (W), which translate to amperage (A) based on voltage (V). To determine the current draw, simply divide the watts by the voltage and you have your amperage.

12V accessories such as inverters and solar regulators should be mounted high with good ventilation. These units lose energy in the form of heat and need to stay cool to operate efficiently

The development of solar technology means you can now stay in the bush indefinitely. DC solar panels are becoming more affordable, which is good news for those of us who wish to recharge the batteries without running the engine.

Vendor Samples...

Surefire Flashlights

TORCHES or more commonly known as FLASHLIGHTS have come a long way in the past few years, with a number of ranges of tough and powerful light makers out there. An interesting range is the Streamlight Junior and Pocket Mate series made in the USA.

Machined from aircraft quality aluminum with an anodized finish, the Streamlights have an 'unbreakable' Lexan lens, high output bulbs and adjustable spot-to-flood focus to give you plenty of light when you need it.

Shock, dust and water resistant and powered by two AA batteries, the Streamlight range is right up there with the best of them.

The manufacturers claim a 300 gain over regular flashlights.

Police Flashlight

Our SUREFIRE FLASHLIGHT range covers: SureFire Flashlights, SureFire Torches and SureFire Weapon Lights SureFire for Police, Military SureFire, Law Enforcement SureFire, Outdoor, Hunting and Camping SureFire Flashlights.

Looking for the Best Tactical LED Flashlights, Weapon Lights, pistol torches

Tactical torches, flashlights and weapon mounted gun lights from Olight, Klarus and Solarforce.


Wolf Eyes X-Beam Blue Led Flashlight

Wolf Eyes has released a new torch, the blood tracking X-Beam Blue. This torch has two LEDs in it, one white and one 470Nm Blue. This is the exact wavelength Wolf Eyes supply to the Police for crime scene use, and when combined with orange goggles enables identification of biological matter such as blood.

If you have ever lost a wounded animal you know how useful this torch can be. It is also bright enough to shoot with, out to about 100 meters. Of course when you need bright white light it is there at the flick of a lever.

Leupold MX Flashlights

Leupold Flashlights

For decades Leupold has been a leader in the field of sports optics and light management. From this extensive experience came a desire to provide customers with the most advanced flashlights money can buy.

Years of design effort have culminated in the introduction of the Leupold MX Modular Flashlight Series.

This growing line of components allows you to custom build a flashlight to suit your individual illumination needs.


Lightforce 140 led enforcer handheld cordless spotlight

The new Enforcer 140mm LED handheld introduces Fresnel technology to the sporting market. The specially designed lens produces a superior tight beam for maximum light output and performance.

In addition to the standard LED Enforcer, a new red / white switchable Enforcer is now available, which incorporates red and white diodes into single handheld light, allowing for maximum performance from a light.

The internal battery has a run time of over 4 hours and you can even attach a clip on Enforcer battery to produce an extended run time of up to 18.5 hours. It also has a lightweight ergonomic grip and an in-built battery indicator.

LightForce 140 LED Enforcer Specifications : white light: 376m / 411yd @ 1 LUX, lightweight for convenient long term use at only 450 grams, sealed from rain and dust, Fresnel technology for maximum light output and performance, Fresnel lens is combined with an in-built focusing mechanism that allows you to change from wide pattern to long distance spot.

The 140 Enforcer LED red / white comes with all the great features of the standard Enforcer while incorporating an easy to use switch that allows users to change from high to low intensity white, through to a strong red beam. It is compatible with the Lightforce Ni-MH Enforcer battery / charger which provides an extended run time of up to 18.5 hours.


Streamlight TLR-1 for sale

The only necessity we see in a defensive handgun is a weapon-mounted light. Night sights may be fine for some folks, but they do nothing when it comes to identifying your target or determining threat assessment.

Brownells offers a variety of flashlights that can be mounted to a pistol via the frame rail, and one of our favorites is the TLR-1 by Streamlight. There's a trick to getting this longer light on a short-railed compact pistol by inserting a second rail key toward the rear and using it to actually hold the light.

The TLR-1 gives you 300 lumens of pure white light. We like how the controls are placed on the light so the shooter can control the output between momentary or constant-on. There's a strobe setting, which some folks like, but we find it pretty useless without associated techno music and Patron shots.


Inforce WML white ir 200 for sale

When it comes to lights, again there are options. Consider that outfitting an AR with rails, optics, lights, and other accessories adds a considerable amount of weight to what was engineered originally as a 7-pound rifle. Most can get closer to 10 pounds if you start bolting parts on like you are building Legos.

Three pounds of extra weight does not sound like a lot, but you feel every ounce of it as you are moving and shooting, even if it's slung or attached to a plate carrier. So we think of reducing that fighting weight in terms of ounces.

That's why we like these lightweight lights by Inforce that we keep in stock. Their light weight (3 ounces) and low price makes them perfect for a home defense carbine.

We tried out two single-cell lights — a 200-lumen white LED and one with an infrared option. They weigh about 3 ounces each due to their fiberglass construction and the WML 200 boasts 200 lumens for 90 minutes of run time. The LED/IR version gives you 175 lumens for 1.5 hours, 30 lumens for 10 hours, and provides an infrared light option with 75mW high (3.5 hours) and 25mW low (17 hours) modes.

Inforce WMLx for sale

If that lighting option sounds a bit mild, there's always the Inforce WMLx White, which produces 500 lumens of concentrated white light with a generous peripheral beam. It runs off two batteries as opposed to the single-cell lights. You may have problems identifying targets at greater distances than 100 yards due to the throw and beam, but in those instances there are other choices to be had.

SureFire M300 C Mini Scout for sale

In keeping with something light-weight, but boasting a greater beam throw, we like the SureFire M300 C Mini Scout Light. Weighing in at a scant 4.3 ounces, this versatile LED gives you 300 lumens for 1 hour and 20 minutes of run time. Unlike the Inforce lights, SureFire allows you to equip their light with a tape switch to put the on/off capability right where you want it. No matter the lumens rating, you need controls to activate or deactivate the light when you need to do so.


Surefire Shotgun Flashlight for sale

If you rely on a shotgun for home defense, you'll want to add a light as well. Lights that clamp to the magazine tube went out with the hula hoop, and railed forends can be overkill when you just want a single flashlight and nothing else.

We're fans of SureFire's dedicated weapon lights for shotguns and we have them on hand for the big three: Remington, Mossberg, and Winchester. We've been running an older one on a Remington 1100 for close to 20 years, but wanted a newer version for our 870.

The latest SureFire unit features; a recoil-proof LED illuminator that delivers 600 lumens of clean, white light in high mode, and 200 lumens in low mode. The buttons are built into the forend as well to let you switch modes and choose between constant-on or momentary operation.

This light system is a completely sealed unit, and there are no tape switches or exposed wires.

Installation takes about five minutes. You remove your old forend via an included spanner wrench, slip on the new one, and tighten up the retaining nut with the same wrench.

If a dedicated weapon light sounds too expensive, the other option is to add a forend that accepts a rail mount, and any of the lights we looked at for rifles will make a fine fit.

Streamlight Super Siege Flashlights

Surefire super siege lantern for sale

Streamlight's Super Siege and the "mini-me" Siege AA lights are like brothers from another mother. The Super Siege is a powerhouse of 1,100 lumens and is rechargeable, also enabling you to charge other USB chargeables using its port. It has D rings on the top and bottom and a storage container for the charger!

The Siege AA is named after its power source and has three modes. The Siege will cast a glow 360 degrees and the white (4 LED option produces 200 lumens. There's also the blue LED model with less than one lumen - it runs for up to 12 days. Bonus, if you buy the Blue model, $2 of every purchase goes to the Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).

Pelican 3310 Emergency Lighting System

Pelican glowing in the dark safety flashlight

The 3310 Emergency Lighting System by Pelican may be the perfect emergency light. It provides 234 lumens for up to 190 hours! The mountable case keeps the ELS exactly where you need it in an emergency situation, and it glows in the dark. This light is perfect for home emergencies or in your disaster preparedness kit.

Elzetta Bravo B333 LED Flashlight

Elzetta Bravo 650 B333 Led Flashlight

The Bravo B333 by Elzetta is fully customizable and has fully encased circuit boards and soldered joints in a hardened epoxy to eliminate failures. There are numerous bezels, lenses and tail caps for over 144 configurations and up to 900 lumens. Elzetta lights a re proudly made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.

SureFire PX2 Fury Flashlight Intellibeam Technology

Surefire Intellibeam PX2 Fury

The SureFire PX2 Fury with Intellibeam Technology has auto-adjusting technology and multiple settings. At 600 lumens it runs for 1.5 hours. The "auto adjusting" beam continuously changes the light output as needed, adjusting the intensity to the environment. This "smart" light does the thinking for you. Amazing.

Kinetic Concealment LC-01 Tactical Light

Kinetic Concealment LC-01 Light

The Kinetic Concealment LC-01 light and laser combo pairs both your love for lasers and a need for light. The 200-lumen light has three modes and can be run with or without the laser. The battery changes out easily with the push of a button. The LC-01 weighs in at 5.32 oz. and it's light on bulk, but heavy on features.

Tuff Writer Bolt Action Mini Flashlight

Tuff Writer Bolt Action Pen Flashlight

The newest edition to the Tuff Writer family of flashlights is the Bolt Action Mini. Housed in an aerospace-grade aluminum tube with a stainless steel clip and bolt, the smooth "bolt" action flashlight has three modes ranging from 100 lumens down to five. The Bolt Action Mini is just over 0.5" thick and just under 5" long. This handsome light is sleek enough to wear with your suit, yet durable enough to withstand punishment.


Lightforce PRED9X Hunting Spotlight For Sale

Designed for mid range hunting or hunting on foot, the Lightforce PRED9X offers a viewing range of more than 200 meters. The purpose built reflector and inbuilt shroud produce a tight beam. By using a CRT Bulb the PRED9X produces a beam that improves clarity and contrast, aiding vermin detection.

The lamp features a universal scope mount, a quick release cam mechanism, and a wireless RF switch that can be placed anywhere on the gun's stock. Its polymer construction and recoil resistant mean it's lightweight and resilient.

Price: $239.99.



Supplied in a compact plastic carry case, the Vanguard Hunting set is small enough to stash in a kitbag and fast to set up. Its basic mount has a large locking wheel for fuss-free deployment, and gives plenty of clearance over turrets and objective lens.

Being relatively light, this robust little lamp has little effect on the balance of the gun, and its 220-lumen LED throws light out to over 150 meters with a bright central spot.

The kit includes a remote switch that attaches to the stock with Velcro to allow you to power up with either constant or momentary illumination. The Vanguard comes with green and red filters to mute the beam for close-range work.

Price: $124.99.


White Eye WE1 GL Flashlight

A 250-lumen gun light with a choice of high or low beam, yielding two or ten hours of battery life respectively. The White Eye comes with a removable lamp, li-on battery, charger, remote switch and pressure switch and gun mount.

It's designed to accept a variety of different LED lamps, which can be ordered separately to create a versatile product that can be easily converted for different uses. These options include red, green, infrared and 1000 lumen lights.

Price: $96.


Venom flashlight body parts

This versatile torch is an infrared illuminator and much, much more. Additional interchangeable LED units give you the option of white, red and green light, as well as the all-important infrared to maximize the potential of your NV device.

Waterproof and encased in an aircraft-grade aluminum tube, the Venom Strike has a run time of up to four hours, and attaches to your telescopic sight by means of a simple mount that has a single locking knob for fast deployment.

Price: From $124.95


Tracer F Series LED Tactical Flashlights LEDRAY

Tracer has launched of three new ranges of LED focusable gun lights, the F400, F600 and F900. The F400 is available in a white, green or red LED offering a 300, 250 & 150m beam respectively. The F600 can be switched between four LED colors; white, red, green and blue, all in one torch, with a beam up to 200m.

The F900 lights have been developed to provide long-range beams for solo hunting up to 800m and have interchangeable white, red, green and IR LEDs. Other optional extras include a 66mm lens head with snoot.

Price: F400 $89.99, F600 $129.99, F900 $149.99.

Coast HP17 Light

Coast HP17 Tactical Light For Sale

The Coast HP17 offers huge power from a manageable size. At 30 ounces it's too heavy for everyday carry (EDC),so store it at work and in the house.

The slide-focus on the beam easily transitions from a 2,000- foot reaching spotlight to a 7-foot-wide broad flood light. Also, it's simple to manage power consumption by click-cycling through three output settings.

Our only qualm is that depending on how it's held in your hand the power button can be tricky to engage, especially with gloved hands.