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Combat ballistic helmets, bulletproof Kevlar helmets, tactical helmets and ballistic rated helmets as used by the US Army, USMC, SWAT and police units.

BAE Systems Ballistic Helmet

BAE Systems ballistic helmet

BAE Systems and its legacy businesses have been manufacturing ballistic helmets since 1985. More than one million combat helmets have been fielded and are in use by the DoD. Among its newest tactical helmets in production, BAE Systems is manufacturing the Lightweight Helmet (LWH) constructed of composite bullet proof materials and the Lightweight Advanced Combat Helmet (LW ACH) for the Marine Corps and the Army, respectively.

Requirements for both the LWH and the LW ACH were released by the DoD, and they request protection against fragmentation and handgun threats coupled with lightweight solutions to replace past metallic bullet proof solutions. What makes these two specific tactical helmets unique are the strong advanced fibers and resins that contribute to providing lighter weight helmets to meet required structural and ballistic protection levels.

BAE Systems entered production on the USMC LWH in 2012. This ballistic helmet represents the latest model in Marine Corps helmets since the Personnel Armor System Ground Troops helmet (PASGT helmet), which was first used in combat around 1983. BAE Systems is also preparing to qualify a design and produce the LW ACH for the U.S. Army after recently receiving an approximately $13.2 million award. The uniqueness of the LW ACH is its ability to fulfill a requirement to decrease helmet weight by 10 percent over a similar size and cut of the current Advanced Combat Helmet, while also meeting the same levels in ballistic protection.

Ceradyne Bullet Proof Helmet

New 3M Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet

Ceradyne, a 3M company, is an advanced materials and technology company that combines its specific core technologies for combat protection. As the only company that has passed stringent U.S. government tests for the Enhanced Combat Helmet, which will be fielded by the U.S. Marines, Army, and Navy, our expertise brings to bear offerings of the best tactical helmet product to meet the requirements of the U.S. military and to protect soldiers. Ceradyne is especially competent in maximizing ballistic protection versus weight. With our capabilities, we offer lighter weight ballistic helmet models at desired protection levels that are generally better than what is currently being used in the market today.

Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite specific molding technology allows us to maximize the bullet proof performance of materials such as ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene. This unique proprietary process is the innovative element behind the Enhanced Combat Helmet as well as many other lightweight helmets currently utilized by the SOF community in the U.S. and across the world.

Ceradyne looks to push its technology to improve performance to weight ratio of tactical helmets while remaining flexible. Different performance-to-weight ratio solutions are needed for different operational groups. For example, a lightweight solution that meets legacy helmet ballistic protection is designed for SOF - the Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet - which offers NATO-accepted ballistic protection level at a size large shell weight of only 500 grams...

News From Abroad

The Team Wendy EXFIL is the new Tiered Combat Helmet

Next Tiered Combat Helmet

CANBERRA: The Australian Army has selected the Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet as the next generation Tiered Combat Helmet (TCH).

The Tiered Combat Helmet will top off the next generation Soldier Combat Ensemble currently under development and initial entry into service.

The new EXFIL Tiered Combat Helmet is lighter (1.18 - 1.25kg) and is armored to NIJ Level IIIA (9mm and 17 g fragmentation to 2400 fps) with a maximum of less than 16mm deformation in ambient temps or 25mm deformation in extreme heat, cold or maritime environments.

The Tiered Tactical Helmet comes in two sizes (Size 1 and Size 2) but fit is able to be further user customized by the selection of two Zorbium inner lining systems for each size and with LED inclusions for both Right Eye and Left Eye Dominant soldiers.

The Zorbium lining system has 16 customizable pads which combined with the bolt-less CAM FIT/Boa Closure System chin strap/ retention system provides a best practice comfort and retention level for a ballistic helmet.

The EXFIL has two side mounted Magpul MOE mounting rails, a forward NVG mounting fixture and retention lanyard and the Peltor Headset Adaptor to assist communications head set fitment.

An Australian Multicam Camouflage (AMCU) fabric helmet cover and a Counterweight Kit complete the TCH assembly.

The Tiered Combat Helmet will be teamed with the latest gen Ballistic Laser Ocular Protection System (BLOPS ) and a fully communications integrated Class 5 Combat Hearing Protection System.