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Armasight Prometheus-Pro 640 2-16x50 (60 Hz) Thermal Imaging Monocular, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17 micron) 60Hz Core, 50mm Lens by Armasight Inc.

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Product Description

Our Combat Gear shop is happy to offer the famous Armasight Prometheus-Pro 640 2-16x50 (60 Hz) Thermal Imaging Monocular, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17 micron) 60Hz Core, 50mm Lens today at this low price.

With so many competing tactical, combat and survival products on offer these days, it is good to have a name that you can recognize. The Armasight Prometheus-Pro 640 2-16x50 (60 Hz) Thermal Imaging Monocular, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17 micron) 60Hz Core, 50mm Lens is certainly all that and will be a sound buy for your combat gear or tactical ability.

We pride ourselves to provide the finest quality combat gear for all your front line requirements.

For this low price, the Armasight Prometheus-Pro 640 2-16x50 (60 Hz) Thermal Imaging Monocular, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17 micron) 60Hz Core, 50mm Lens is greatly respected and is always a popular choice with many like minded people. Armasight Inc. have produced some great touches and this results in good value for money.

Manufacturer Description


The Prometheus Pro line of high efficiency portable amplified thermal monoculars maximize the innovation and advancements that Armasight has developed for its uncooled thermal weapon sight programs. Due to design principles stressing shared sub-assemblies, the Prometheus Pro portable thermal monocular exhibits the very same 20/50 gold basic efficiency as the Zeus Pro and Apollo Pro. The Prometheus Pro can with stand immersion to 20 meters and soak up the most ruthless environmental shocks generally related to heavy quality shooting. Based around a common cores of electronic devices, signal processing, and lens user interfaces, a version of the Prometheus Pro can be bought to satisfy virtually any requirement for a budget friendly uncooled amplified thermal monocular.
Making use of the most current FLIR TAU-2 Technology, the Prometheus Pro is provided in 336x256 or 640x512 pixel formats. These alternatives are better enhanced by expert military grade 50mm Germanium (Ge) objective lenses creating a variety of optical magnifications and variety efficiency capabilities that the customer can select from. Armasight has presented an unique double battery option for the Prometheus Pro Thermal Monocular consisting either of 4 3.0 VDC 123A batteries all oriented in the very same instructions to prevent confusion in replacement, or 4 1.5 VDC AA batteries preloaded in a cartridge. In a pinch, a single 123A 3.0 VDC battery can power the Zeus Pro for simply over one hour.
The Prometheus Pro Thermal Imager is defined by its simple and user-friendly controls, functions, and features that are layered among direct button changes, direct mix button functions, and electronic menu selections. Armasight has included all the crucial bells and whistles discovered in the Zeus and Apollo Pro series devices suching as electronic compass and inclinometer. The Prometheus Pro utilizes a 9-pin multipin adapter to supply video-in imagery, where there may be a requirement for map or rangefinder show overlays, and external power access. In support of these capabilities, Armasight offers an optional laser range-finder, external battery pack, multispectral laser and other devices designed to attach on the MIL-STD-1913 rail of the Prometheus Pro. The Prometheus Pro has Bluetooth cordless ability and can straight interface with many mobile phones with the capacity for engaging a series of current and future applications.
The Prometheus Pro is the perfect tool for searching and target detection where the ambient environment is oriented for concealment. The Prometheus Pro is likewise an exceptionally helpful tool for seeing scenes through environmental obscurants such as smoke, haze, fog, or dust. The Prometheus Pro marks the pinnacle of Armasight's portable uncooled thermal imaging household of products.

  • 24/7 Operation in presence of environmental obscurants (smoke, dust, haze, fog)
  • Superior engineering and design from beginning to Armasight's 20/50 basic
  • Rugged MIL-STD-810 compliant efficiency
  • Operates on 123A or AA batteries
  • Goal Germanium Lens Options
  • TAU-2 17micron Pitch Thermal Sensor
  • SVGA 800x600 OLED Display
  • Digital Compass
  • Digital Inclinometer
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Selectable Palettes: White Hot/ Black Hot/ Sepia/ OEM Custom/ Other Color Variants
  • Imaging Filter Algorithms:
  • - Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE)
  • - Smart Scene Optimization (SSO)
  • - Information Based Histogram Equalization (IBHEQ)
  • - Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
  • - Silent Shutterless Non-uniformity Correction (SSN)
  • Wireless 5-button Remote
  • Tracking Digital e-Zoom: 2x/ 4x/ 8x
  • Still Picture and Video Recording Capability (Mounted DVR Option)
  • Made In the USA

  • Magnification 2x - 16x
  • Refresh Rate 60 Hz
  • Objective Lens Type Germanium
  • Kind of Focal Plane Array FLIR Tau 2
  • Pixel Array Format 640x512
  • Pixel Size 17 micron
  • Show Type AMOLED SVGA 060
  • Pixel Display Format 800

Product Features

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera 3-year warranty and 10-year warranty on FLIR detector Compact, lightweight, durable housing High-resolution thermal imaging High-end OLED display and Video output Export Restriction By adding to cart I agree that I do not intend to export this product outside of the USA

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