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Armasight Apollo-Pro LR 640 100mm (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Clip-on System, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17 micron) 30Hz Core, 100mm Lens by Armasight Inc.

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Product Description

The Tactical and Survivalist shop is delighted to bring you the beneficial Armasight Apollo-Pro LR 640 100mm (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Clip-on System, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17 micron) 30Hz Core, 100mm Lens today at this amazing price.

With so many competing tactical, combat and survival products available currently, it is good to have a provider that you can trust. The Armasight Apollo-Pro LR 640 100mm (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Clip-on System, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17 micron) 30Hz Core, 100mm Lens is certainly all that and will be a superb buy for your combat equipment or tactical training.

We pride ourselves to provide the finest quality tactical gear for all your training requirements.

For this great price, the Armasight Apollo-Pro LR 640 100mm (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Clip-on System, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17 micron) 30Hz Core, 100mm Lens comes highly respected and is always a popular choice with many like minded people. Armasight Inc. have added some great touches and this equals good value for money.

Manufacturer Description


The Apollo Pro family of Clip-on Thermal Imaging Devices represents Armasight's premier day/night thermal clip-on product showing the finest and newest in developments established by Armasight in the field of uncooled thermal imaging technology for the dismounted soldier, unique police team member, and expert hunter. The Apollo Pro exemplifies Armasight's 20/50-design gold requirement, which is specified from product creation as being capable of withstanding 20 meters immersion for 2 hours, and crafted for routine use with 0.50 BMG weapon shock and recoil. Based around typical core electronic devices, signal processing, and infinity focused large-format paralleling eyepiece, the Apollo Pro Series Day/ Night Clip-on Thermal Imaging.
Gadget is available in a range of alternatives and rate points that deal with every application - military and business. The Apollo Pro MR 640 100mm (30 Hz) is a strong state, uncooled, long-wave infrared, 1X (unity magnification) Clip-on Thermal Imaging Device for day and night engagements. It installs directly in front of the variable magnification sniper day sight without the need to remove the day sight from the weapon. Security applications of the Apollo Pro Thermal Imaging Device consist of performance as a unity magnification (1x) stand-alone weapon sight and portable uncooled thermal monocular. For the security duty functions, Armasight has actually consisted of a compass and inclinometer in the Apollo Pro bundle for finer range estimate and target orientation. A five-button wireless remote switch is consisted of to operate and modify the settings on the Apollo Pro to enhance the images for the viewed scene without needing to eliminate your hands from the weapon. The Apollo Pro has Bluetooth wireless ability and can directly user interface with a lot of cellular phones with the potential for engaging a series of current and future applications.
Armasight has actually presented an unique dual battery alternative for the Apollo Pro Clip-on Thermal Imaging Device, consisting either of 4 3.0 VDC 123A batteries (all oriented in the same direction to avoid confusion in replacement), or 4 1.5 VDC AA batteries pre-loaded in a cartridge. In a pinch, the Apollo Pro unique power-management feature allows the use of a single 3.0 VDC 123A battery for just over an hour.
The Apollo Pro utilizes the same 9-pin multi-pin port to offer video-in images, where there may be a requirement for map or rangefinder show overlays, and external power gain access to. In assistance of these abilities, Armasight provides an optional laser range-finder, external battery pack, multispectral laser and other devices developed to attach on the MIL-STD-1913 rail of the Apollo Pro to feed the preferred overlay or input power into the Clip-on Thermal Imaging Device. The 9-pin port is likewise capable of providing a portal for periodically updating the Apollo Pro software application directly; as new modifications appear, users can download updates directly from the web.
Apollo Pro weapon setup is simple, repeatable, and reputable based on an easy to use MILSTD-1913/ Weaver/Picatinny rail suitable, quick-release locking mechanism. This gadget is generally used in the "Reticule Off/ No Reticule" mode. When used in the security function of a 1X stand-alone weapon sight, the solid state technology reticule adjustments and software application algorithms-- integrated with a complementary color reticle platform-- guarantee optimum reticle contrast, top-level target accuracy, and boresight retention that can not be achieved with mechanical boresight adjusters and conventional ballistic drums. This level of accuracy is translated into the tracking electronic zoom (e-zoom) function of the Apollo Pro, when used as a 1x weapon sight, which can be gradually increased from 1x to 2x to 4x to 8x without altering the point-of-aim to point of-impact relationship of the targeting reticle.
Based on its superior price-to-performance worth, the Apollo Pro Clip-on Thermal Imaging Device represents the most versatile and sophisticated Armasight product available in today's market for hunters, SWAT groups, and military personnel who wish to utilize their own sniper day scopes.

  • 24/7 Operation in presence of environmental obscurants (smoke, dust, haze, fog)
  • Superior engineering and design from creation to Armasight's 20/50 standard
  • Rugged MIL-STD-810 compliant performance
  • Operates on 123A or AA batteries
  • Dependable quick-release locking weapon mount
  • Objective Germanium Lens
  • TAU-2 17 micron Pitch Thermal Sensor
  • SVGA 800x600 OLED Display
  • Digital Compass
  • Digital Inclinometer
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Multiple User
  • Selectable Ballistic and Quick Acquisition Reticules
  • Selectable Reticule Color
  • Selectable Palettes: White Hot/Black Hot/Sepia/OEM Custom/Other Color Variants
  • Imaging Filter Algorithms:
  • - Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE)
  • - Smart Scene Optimization (SSO)
  • - Information Based Histogram Equalization (IBHEQ)
  • - Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
  • - Silent Shutterless Non-uniformity Correction (SSN)
  • Wireless 5-button Remote
  • Tracking Digital e-Zoom: 2x, 4x and 8x
  • Still Picture and Video Recording Capability (Mounted DVR Option)
  • Made In the USA

  • Magnification Unity (1x)
  • Refresh Rate 30 Hz
  • Objective Lens Type Germanium
  • Kind of Focal Plane Array FLIR Tau 2
  • Pixel Array Format 640x512
  • Pixel Size 17 micron
  • Show Type AMOLED SVGA 060
  • Pixel Display Format 800

Product Features

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera 3-year warranty and 10-year warranty on FLIR detector Compact, lightweight, durable housing High-resolution thermal imaging High-end OLED display and Video output Export Restriction By adding to cart I agree that I do not intend to export this product outside of the USA

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