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Air Gun Scope Selection

air gun scope selection

ABOVE : Some manufacturers produce scopes specifically for the purpose of use on airguns. In this case a Gamo brand was installed on this .177 break-barrel model (top) and a CenterPoint scope was installed on this Crosman .25 caliber rifle (bottom).


You must be careful when it comes to what scopes are used on any airgun, or severe damage could occur to the scope.

Many scopes simply are unable to handle the characteristic jarring movements produced when an airgun discharges.

There are scope manufacturers that produce and market scopes specifically intended for use on airguns and there are conventional style scopes which are intended for use on rimfire and centerfire rifles that are capable of withstanding the jarring effects from airguns.

Before mounting any traditional style scope meant for use on powder-burning firearms on an airgun it is strongly advised that you do your homework to make sure the scope is capable of handling the jarring effects inherent in airguns.

Because of the growing trend in airgun use some of the more traditional scope manufacturers are now certifying their normal line of scopes as being "airgun safe," but certainly not all rifle scopes qualify.

So if you are contemplating the use of a scope on an airgun that was designed for rimfire or centerfire use, I would suggest you do your homework and ask the manufacturer if that use would be appropriate.

Otherwise you could wind up with a severely damaged scope with a bunch of rattling loose parts inside.