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3 Tools From Timberline Knives Reviewed

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POLICE OFFICERS REFER TO THEMSELVES AS BEING "ON THE JOB." But on any given day, that job can mean working at criminal investigation; traffic enforcement; family counseling; searching for missing persons; accident reconstruction; marijuana field eradication; emergency rescue; dignitary protection or disaster cleanup to name just a few.

Sometimes those jobs require specific tools beyond the handgun, flashlight and handcuffs we so closely associate with police work. Sometimes the tools required require a more keen edge.

Timberline Knives offers a number of tools in their tactical line that would be worthy additions to any officer's patrol bag or soldier's pack. Three of those tools - a folding knife, a tomahawk and a machete - are especially well-thought-out designs that offer features not found elsewhere.


Timberline 18 Delta KnifeThe Timberline 18-Delta knife would be an excellent choice for every day carry. It features a titanium coated stainless steel blade and G-10 scales.

A folding knife is a tool to be carried on your person so that it's immediately available to you at all times. Timberline's 18-Delta knife, designed by Greg Lightfoot, would be a good choice for every day carry.

It's a good-sized folder with a 3.7- inch blade, available in three configurations: a penetrating tanto, a strong drop point and bull-nose serrated rescue blade.

I tested the drop point and found it to be a quality knife suited for all-around tactical use.

The blade is of 440C stainless steel with a titanium coating - great to stand up to the use, abuse and often neglect I've seen similar tactical tools have to endure.

Dual thumb studs allow for easy one-handed opening. The simple liner lock secures the blade without the need of springs, latches or other complicated mechanisms.

The drop point is different than most in that the blade maintains most of its width before dropping off suddenly near the tip. It's a very strong design, suited to most cutting tasks.

The textured G-10 scales over the titanium liners are lightweight and durable and provide a secure grip.

That grip is further enhanced by the jimping on the top of the handle and on the underside where the handle partially wraps around your fourth finger. It's a well-designed grip.

The handle is an open design - the two sides of the grip are separated by spacers - making it easier to keep clean.

It has a strong pocket clip. I always carried my knife in my uniform shirt pocket where I could reach it easily while seated in my patrol car if I needed to cut my way out of my seat belt or if I ever needed to slash at the wrist of an attacker trying to get to my sidearm.

Designer Greg Lightfoot
Blade Liner lock drop point partially serrated (tested); tanto, plain edge or bull nose rescue fully serrated
Blade Material 440C stainless steel with titanium nitride finish
Blade Length 3.7 inches
Blade finish Black matte; titanium coating
Handle Material G-10
Liners Titanium
Length Closed 5.1 inches
Weight 6.1 ounces
MSRP $140


Timberline CBT Tomahawk

ABOVE : The Timberiine Tomahawk CBT is long enough at 16.75 inches to provide good leverage for added chopping power or when using it as a pry bar.

The Timberline Tomahawk CBT (Combat Breaching Tool) is the most updated and advanced version of a tool that special fighting units have used dating back to Roger's Rangers.

Back then, the tomahawk was used not only as a backup weapon to the single-shot musket but it was an overall survival tool. Today, the tomahawk sees more duty as a breaching or rescue tool.

Unlike some tomahawks that have wooden, plastic or fiberglass handles, the head and handle of the Timberline CBT is one continuous piece of solid steel with a rubber grip.

It's not going to break if you're using it to gain entry to a building to execute a warrant; tear through a wall to get to a child trapped in a burning building; or when using it as a heavy duty "can opener" to rip open a vehicle to rescue an accident victim.

The tomahawk has a sharp three-inch blade on one side of the head and a vicious-looking spike on the other. One nice feature is that the spike has a serrated edge along the bottom, which would allow you to cut through any material you penetrate with the spike. In the middle of the head is a cutout that can be used as a gas valve shut-off wrench.

The other end of the tomahawk is a pry bar with a nail puller / wire cutter built in, adding to the utility of this rugged tool. The tomahawk rides in a nylon sheath with MOLLE straps and loops as well as grommets for additional attachment options.

At the top of the sheath is a molded PVC blade protector. I only wish that it was removable from the rest of the sheath so that you could keep the blade covered to protect your hands when using the tomahawk as a pry bar.

Designer Dave Young
Blade Material 440C stainless steel
Blade Head Length 3.0 inches
Blade finish Black matte; titanium coating
Handle Material TPR
Overall Length 16.75 inches
Other Gas value shut-off wrench in head; pry bar end with nail puller and wirecutter; custom nylon sheath with PVC edge and head protector, MOLLE straps and loops, grommets.
Weight 29 ounces
MSRP $275

3. TIMBERLINE MSS (Machete Survival System)

Timberline MSS Machete Survival SystemThe Timberline MSS is a heavy duty machete with a sawback blade, serrated portions top and bottom and a sharpened notch at the heel.

The Timberline MSS (Machete Survival System) is best described as a machete on steroids that, like the Timberline CBT tomahawk, combines several useful features into one tool.

The machete is 23 inches long overall with a solid 16.5-inchsteel blade. There's plenty of belly in the stainless steel blade for chopping power.

A portion of the blade near the heel is of serrated design for tearing through rope and other tough materials.

There's also an edged notch at the heel of the blade that could also be used for cutting straps, rope or wire.

On the back of the blade is a general utility saw. But there's also a serrated edge portion on the back of the blade near the tip.

I found that to be especially beneficial for extending your reach to cut things, such as overhead branches or if you had to reach into wreckage to cut something free.

These are all very useful and well-designed combat and survival features not found on most other tools of this type.

The rubberized handle is formed with double guards to keep your hand from slipping forward no matter which side of the blade you're using.

Some other machetes I've used feel like they have been made out of old lawnmower blades.

But the Timberline MSS is made of high quality steel and it comes from the factory extremely sharp. I had to be very careful when moving it for photographs because a slight nick would have sliced my hand open.

Designer Dave Young
Blade Material 440C stainless steel
Blade Length 16.5 inches
Blade finish Black matte; titanium coating
Handle Material TPR
Overall Length 23 inches
Other Utility saw on back of blade; partially serrated on both sides of blade; carbide glass breaker/trail marker; custom nylon sheath with MOLLE straps and loops; grommets.
Weight 33.5 ounces
MSRP $150


Timberline tomahawk mss folding knife

ABOVE MAIN : The spike end of the Timberline Tomahawk CBT is serrated to rip open any material you penetrate with the spike.

ABOVE LEFT : A closeup of the end of the Timberline Tomahawk CBT's handle shows its possible use as a pry bar, nail puller and wire cutter.

ABOVE RIGHT : The sharpened notch and serrated edge near the heel of the blade on the Timberline MSS makes it a more versatile cutting tool than just a brush cutter.

You can buy cheaper tools, but they won't perform or endure the way these Timberline tools will. When you take these Timberline tools "on the job" with you, especially when lives might be on the line, you can depend on them no matter what the job that day entails.