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Steiner Military 3-15x50mm MSR Riflescope

Steiner Military 3-15x50mm MSR riflescope


Steiner has a well-deserved reputation for manufacturing rugged and reliable precision optics, and the new M5Xi Military series of scopes will no doubt enhance that reputation. Testing the Military 3-15x50mm scope with MSR reticle recently at a Beretta Tactical Summit (Steiner is part of Beretta Defense Technologies) was the perfect setup. Between the superb quality of this scope and the price point, it offers an excellent value for both LE and military professionals, competitive sniper shooters, and any long-range shooting enthusiast who wants top-notch equipment.

The Military 3-15x50mm, made in Germany, is designed for midrange shooting on precision bolt-action guns. Built with an oversize 34mm one-piece tube that allows a wider range of adjustment, the 3-15x50 features large elevation, windage, parallax, and illumination knobs with positive clicks.

Each up/down or left/ right adjustment equals 0.1 mrad. Windage range at 100 meters is 6 mils, and elevation range at 100 meters is 26 mils. Parallax is adjustable from 164 feet to infinity.

The gaping 50mm objective lens effectively directs light in the scope, which is waterproof to depths of 33 feet. It is also fogproof and will take up to 900 Gs of impact shock. The length is 14.2 inches, and it weighs 32.5 ounces.

Stelner's MSR (Multipurpose Sniper Reticle) allows a shooter to go long with confidence.

The MSR reticle (Multipurpose Sniper Reticle, licensed from Finn Accuracy) is located in the first focal plane, so the reticle will increase in size as the magnification is dialed up. At first look, the reticle would delight a geometry teacher as well as make an experienced long-range operator grin.

To use the MSR reticle to its full potential, the user should have a familiarity with the mil-rad system. The reticle is divided into three sections. The main reticle and below the horizontal strata are a fine milling scale and rapid ranging scale, respectively. The center crosshair, a 1x1 mrad, can be illuminated and intensity level adjusted. It is compatible with night-vision optics.

I used the Steiner mounted to a Sako TRG M10 with the .308 Winchester caliber kit. The M10 is multi-caliber sniper platform that can do justice to the 3-15x50mm Steiner scope's ability. On the line, we zeroed our rifles at 100 yards.

Then the fun started. We moved back to 200 yards and took aim at steel plates. Because I knew the size of the plate, the MSR reticle allowed me to confirm the distance to the target.

Large, positive-click knobs help the user make any necessary adjustments.

Compensating for a 5 mph wind, every shot hit steel. We repeated the process at 800 yards. Lead rang steel again. At night with no moon, we used the Steiner and night-vision equipment.

Using the information from my spotter, I adjusted the scope for elevation and shot into the wind to hit steel at 400 yards in pitch-black. The same scope was used by all summit attendees and adjusted by all. Zero shift.

That's a scope to be reckoned with. A closer look revealed the scope's excellent edge-to-edge clarity, which helps a hunter quickly identify a target that slides into view, like an elk. Steiner's stablemates at BDT include Beretta, Sako, and Benelli, and the optics company benefits from the association. Bottom line: The Military 3-15x50mm with MSR reticle is a performance-driven product that allows your customers to "send it downrange" with a stunning level of confidence. SRP: $3,329.