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One way the nearly 80-year-old Meopta Optika stays vibrant (and successful) is to look at changing consumer tastes and develop products that meet that evolving demand.

The MeoPix iScoping Adapter, developed to allow the iPhone 4 to interface with any binocular or spotting scope eyepiece, is just such a product. With the MeoPix, iPhone users can transform a smartphone into the ultimate long-range photo and movie-capturing tool.

The patent-pending and Apple-approved MeoPix iScoping adapter attaches securely to the iPhone. Its proprietary technology guarantees a secure fit, precise alignment, and says Meopta USA general manager Reinhard Seipp.

"The iScoping process harnesses the power of the iPhone to capture, edit, organize, and upload images from the field, and I can't think of a big-game hunter who would want to pass up that opportunity."

After reading an article about astroscoping (taking images through an astronomical telescope with an iPhone). Seipp got together with its inventor. Matt Geyser, to discuss adapting it to work with bincoculars and spotting scopes.

They developed a prototype, and Seipp The results blew him away. Marrying the two technologies not only gave him superior images, but the ability to digitally manipulate those images. He believes that hunters and guides will flock to this new platform.

"They'll certainly like the quality of the images," he says, "but they'll also like the portability, as well as the ability to send the image to a family member or client almost immediately."