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Tactical First Aid Kit: Sawyer Products SP926B Group First Aid Kit from Sawyer Products

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Product Description

Tactical First Aid Kit Sale :: Our store is proud to offer the excellent Combat First Aid Kit: Sawyer Products SP926B Group First Aid Kit today at this sale price.

With so many civilian first aid kits, tactical first aid kits and combat first aid kits on offer today, it is great to have a reliable medical make that you can recognize. The tactical first aid kit: Sawyer Products SP926B Group First Aid Kit is certainly all that and will be a superb buy for your combat kit, surveillance or tactical training with civilians and military personnel alike.

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality combat gear for all your front line requirements and Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). We have a selection of military first aid kits and civilian first aid kits available.

For this special price, the Combat first aid kit: Sawyer Products SP926B Group First Aid Kit comes widely respected and is always a favored choice for lots of like minded medics and field personnel. Sawyer Products has produced some great medical supplies and this equals better value for money in your emergency field kit supplies.

Manufacturer Description

Created for emergency treatment use by 1-8 People for 1-7 Days, this kit is exceptional for multi-person expeditions, expeditions, and group sports. Consists of the following items for INJURY CLEANING: Alcohol Pad- 12 each, PVP Iodine Wipe- 4 each, Bactericide Wipe- 4 each, Ointment- 6 each, Tincture Benzoin- 4 each, Soap- 1 each. WOUND SECURITY: 3-inch by 3-inch Gauze Pad- 4 each, 2-inch by 3-inch Gauze Pad- 4 each, Mini/Junior Strips (2 Strips of 5)- 10 each, Knuckle Plaster- 4 each, Extra Huge Plaster- 2 each, Fingertip Plaster- 4 each, Petrolatum Gauze- 1 each, Eye Pad- 2 each, Abdominal Pad (Compress)- 2 each, Moleskin- 2 each, Requirement 3/4-inch Plaster- 12 each, Triangular Plaster- 1 each, 3-Inch Elastic Wrap- 1 each, 1-inch by 10 yard Self-Adherent Wrap- 2 each, 2-inch Gauze Roll- 2 each, 1/2-inch Tape Roll- 2 each, Precut Foam Pad- 4 each. SPECIALTY PRODUCTS: Nitrile Gloves- 4 each, Tongue Depressor- 4 each, Folding Scissor- 1 each, Tweezer- 1 each, Irrigation Bulb- 1 each, Eye Cup - 1 each, Safety Pin- 2 each, Forehead Thermometer- 1 each, 6-inch by 6-inch Resealable Bag- 4 each, Trash can- 2 each. SPECIALTY TREATMENT: Acetaminophen (APAP) 2-pack- 6 each, Ibuprofen 2-pack- 6 each, Electrolyte 2-pack- 6 each, Decongestant 2-pack- 6 each, Antacid 2-pack- 6 each, Sting Care Wipe- 4 each, After-Dive Ear Drops- 1 each. INSTRUCTION/FORMS: Accident Report Form- 1 each, Emergency treatment Handbook (Red)- 1 each.

Product Features

Treat and clean minor wounds Stop serious bleeding Secure broken bones and sprains Treat heat exhaustion, pain relief, minor maladies, insect stings Includes Doctor Forgey's comprehensive First Aid manual

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