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Remove, Install and Adjust Your Sights with the MGW Sight-Pro Universal Sight Tool

MGWSP1000 MGW Sight Pro Universal Sight Tool for sale


MGW, manufacturer of its widely popular sight tools, now has the Ultimate Tool for the professional gunsmith, armorer, or multiple pistol gun enthusiast!

The Sight-Pro professional grade sight tool is designed to remove, install, and adjust sights on virtually any semi-auto pistol model. With our innovative shoe clamp specific to each model, the tool combines the versatility of a universal tool with the specific engineering focus of MGW's individual tools.

With the 3 point clamp and support system, during the MGW Sight-Pro review made for quick work of even the most stubborn sights and provides real security and protection of your slide.

Clamp cutouts in the lower slide base offer the convenience of clamping the Sight-Pro in a bench or machine vise to give you the ultimate stability and precision when working on fine adjustments or stubbornly tight rear sights.

All wear parts are serviceable and replaceable on the MGW Pro Sight Tool. Specific shoes for each model are engineered and offered on a continuous basis.

Design And Construction The Sight-Pro Body is machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum and hardcoat mil-spec anodized.

Pusher block and thread lead screw are CNC machined from carbon steel. All support bushings and clamp screws are CNC machined from aircraft grade stainless steel. All shoes are engraved with model number for quick reference. The MGW Sight Pro for sale today at a special discount price!

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