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It was decided to take full advantage of the SIG556's flattop upper by installing different optics for testing. A Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35, model TA11H with green horseshoe reticle was mounted. I also decided to mount a Leupold Mk4 CQ/T for testing and review.

Both Trijicon and Leupold's reticles offer the capability to engage multiple targets in rapid sequence (unlike open sights), and at same time provide adequate accuracy out to a couple hundred yards. This is made possible by superimposing an aim point on the target; this does not totally obscure the target because the illuminated reticle dot is not so large.

As many "maturing" shooters can attest, the single-focus plane with the red dot (and green dot) day - night scope is easier to shoot accurately than coordinating front and rear sights.


Award Winning Trijicon MRO Red Dot Sight


"The Firearms Industry Choice Awards"

The red-dot sight market seems t o get more crowded every day. The Trijicon MRO differentiates itself with an offering that's compact, lightweight, boasts long battery life, and comes from a distinguished lineage of bombproof optics. In particular, its 25mm objective size provides better field of view than other micro-sized red-dot sights. It has cap-less windage and elevation adjustments and a brightness control on the top of the sight for quick ambidextrous use. You can opt for a low, co-witness, or lower one-third co-witness mount.

Evaluators appreciated the MRO's mix of features and its price. For instance, one wrote, "The Trijicon MRO has been one of the best values in optics that's come out in a long time. I really like the balance of the 25mm objective size - it's right in between the Aimpoint Micro and the fullsize Aimpoints, allowing for a decent FOV while still maintaining a small footprint. What's especially impressive to me is how crisp the dot is until you really push the brightness levels." On the other hand, the MRO has something of a reputation for having slight magnification noticeable to some shooters; indeed, some evaluators noted that. Still, the MRO's many strengths chalked up a win for Trijicon.


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A Word On Red Dot Laser Sights

Red dot green dot reticle options

The mere mention of laser sights seems to conjure up visions of Hollywood scenarios in which the ominous red spot upon someone's body is soon followed by a bullet (and later green laser sights).

That now familiar red dot has many other applications, and these may range from medical, precision tooling or wheel alignment, where dead-straight lines are required.

It is this straight line that makes the laser an excellent choice for a firearm sighting system. The fact that the best red dot sight can be seen at considerable distances is a big plus when shooting in dull light situations.

"For Close Quarter Battle, SOF commandos rely upon red dot sight technology allowing the rapid engagement of adversaries in built-up areas © US DoD"

The laser spot should be zeroed as one would zero a scope on the rifle, shotgun or handgun. On a clear day, the red spot could be seen at almost 50 yards, but it was difficult to see with the naked eye past that. No such problems with a scope. In dim conditions, and when spotlighting, it was a much better proposition.

If one is fortunate enough to have night vision equipment, the laser dot will appear as a light green mark. For situations such as feral pigeons in a dark shed, this is a deadly combination when used in conjunction with a powerful air rifle.

"Aimpoint's Micro T2 red dot sight has been introduced in response to calls from maritime SOF unitsfor a more ruggedised solution for close quarter battle and underwater insertions ® Aimpoint"

No lights are required and the kill rate should be excellent. A similar situation should occur with rabbits in a warren at night. The spotter with the night vision merely directs the shooter until the dot appears upon the target and then gives the advice to fire.

NOTE: The red dot scope sight that uses an illuminated reticle is different to the tactical red dot scope though both are brilliant as a fast aiming sight - basically "point and shoot"...

About Reflex Sights

WHAT IS a reflex sight? It was created in 1900 as a better gunsight for pilots and anti-aircraft gunners.

Based on a visual collimator that reflects the image of a reticle on a pane of glass, it allows the shooter's eye to move in relation to the reticle while maintaining the point of impact.

In the 1970s, when LEDs were refined, reflex sights pioneered by Aimpoint could be used in total darkness. By 1990, professional handgunnerDoug Koenig began using them to eventually win 10 world titles.

"Red-dot sights are fast, superior in low light, and allow the shooter to simply focus on the target," says Koenig. They also have virtually no parallax, a huge field of view, and long eye relief.

And they allow aging shooters with presbyopia—those who wear reading glasses—newfound accuracy. The downside has been their bulk and dismal battery life. Plus, they required custom mounts and were too bulky for routine carry.

But when circuitry was miniaturized, manufacturers made sights an inch tall. Most now have a battery life measuring in months.

Currently, Glock, Smith & Wesson, FN, Kahr.andSIGSauer make guns that easily accept them. No special holsters are required. Certainly the mini-reflex rage is here, and more products are sure to come.


Bushnell AR optics TRS 25 First Strike HiRise sights

Bushnell has introduced two new red dot sights designed for AR-style rifles. The AR Optics TRS-25 and First Strike HiRise sights include a riser block that elevates them to the proper mounting height for a flat top rifle.

The TRS-25 HiRise features a 3-MOA red dot with 11 brightness settings, making it effective from low light to bright sunlight. Multi-coated optics enhance light transmission while the Amber-BrightTM lens coating reduces glare.

The sight is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof, providing all-weather performance and long-term reliability in the field. The First Strike Reflex features a 5-MOA dot with an automatic brightness adjustment based on variable light conditions.

Fully waterproof and designed to withstand heavy recoil, shooters can count on the First Strike Reflex to be a durable, high-performance sight. The integrated HiRise base can be quickly mounted on a Weaver-style base or Picatinny rail.

LaserLyte Sight Ryder Center Mass Laser Light :: Red

LaserLyte Sight Ryder Center Mass Laser Light Red

Anyone who's ever been in a tense situation or done realistic training under stress knows that, when the adrenaline's pumping, fine motor control flies out the window. Enter the Lyte Ryder Center Mass Laser Sight for shotguns and rifles.

LaserLyte says it's the world's first rail-mounted laser sight with built-in pressure activation. Switch on its nine-laser spread pattern by simply squeezing the 2.3-inch pressure pad — no tiny lever or button to feel for.

The ambidextrous device has momentary-on and constant-on modes and can be set up where your support hand naturally goes — so long as your fore - end has at least 4 inches of Pic rail. And thanks to its ledge-shaped design, it also doubles as a grip stop. Made of 6061-T6 aluminum a nd glass-filled nylon, the Lyte Ryder weighs 1.76 ounces with the included three 357 batteries installed.

LaserMax Micro II

LaserMax Micro-2 Laser Sight

Don't want to carry a laser on your sub-compact because you don't want to add weight? The LaserMax Micro II is the latest and lightest laser system by LaserMax. It installs onto any Picatinny rail system, with auto shut off and constant - and pulse-mode among its features. The Micro II is less than 1" in length and weighs less than a half-ounce. This means no snagging, and the only thing you're "adding" is versatility.

Steiner R1X Tactical Sight

Steiner R1X for sale

STEINER'S NEW-FQR-2017 R1X RED-DOT TACTICAL sight is a perfect choice for any AR-style rifle or patrol carbine. It co-witnesses with a gun's front sight, and it's lightweight (19.4 ounces), compact (3.1 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 2 inches tall), and easy to install.

The true 1X optic comes with two reticles (a single 2-MOA center dot and a center dot with three 4-MOA stadia dots), and they can be changed instantly via the center selector button located on the left-hand side.

The reticles are powered by two CR2032 batteries, and the unit has seven brightness levels (five daylight and two night vision) that are adjusted via the UP or DN selector buttons.

Windage and elevation are adjustable via low-profile screws, with click adjustments in 0.25-MOA increments. The R1X's matte black housing is made of strong aluminum, and the unit is waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof. It's covered by Steiner's Heritage warranty. MSRP is $630.99.


Truglo Tru Tec for sale

TRUGLOs new TRU TEC red-dor opric his a20mm objective lens and a 2-MOA reticle for precision shooting. Powered by one CR2032 battery, battery life is extended by motion-sensing auto on/auto off technology.

The dot is adjustable for windage, elevation, and brightness, and the unlimited eye relief and integral Weaver/Picatinny-style mounting system (includes both high and low bases) allow use on a wide variety of firearms. It's waterproof, fogproof, and shock-resistant to 1,000g.

Trijicon MGRS Reflex Sight

Trijicon MGRS for sale cheap

The new Machine Gun Reflex Sight (MGRS) is a non-magnified optic that mounts to M2 and M240 machine guns, and the optic is designed to aid the shooter in rapid target acquisition and engagement by keeping both eyes open from a natural shooting position.

Accuracy is enhanced by use of the machine gun-specific interchangeable Range Dials. The sight has a strong 7075-T6 forged aluminum housing, a large objective lens with a 3x2-inch viewing area, and a 35-MOA segmented circle reticle with a 3-MOA center dot.

The unit is waterproof to 6.6 feet and adjustable for windage and elevation. It s powered by a single CR123A battery with a runtime of about 1,000 hours of continuous operation.