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Nightforce Rifle Scopes

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The Nightforce range of rifle scopes is widely used by professional shooters, various elite military and police units and target shooters as well. They are ideally suited for long range target applications like varmint shooting.


Nightforce Optic’s new SHV riflescope is the least expansive scope in their line. It does not sacrifice performance.

When choosing a rifle scope you will soon find that Nightforce is swiftly becoming one of the most trusted names in riflescopes but one complaint often registered is that Nightforce optics are expensive, usually you won't find a rifle scope sale featuring this quality brand. For those of you wondering, a Nightforce riflescope will never be cheap. The quality of the materials used, combined with the precise tolerances maintained, precludes this possibility. You might find a good deal if you happen to run across one for sale that has been stolen. Other than that — save your pennies.

The SHV designation on Nightforce’s newest riflescope stands for “Shooter, Hunter, Varminter.” This is Nightforce Optic’s most affordable hunting rifle scope and it is meant to be a long-range tool for most any shooting discipline.

In an attempt to make one of their premier quality rifle scopes for sale cheap enough and thus more affordable to the average hunter, Nightforce has made some welcome headway. By limiting some options, offering simpler riflescope controls and by using a less complex manufacturing process, they have created the SHV (Shooter Hunter Varminter).

Nightforce Optic’s new SHV riflescope is the least expansive scope in their line. It does not sacrifice performance.

This second focal plane riflescope is available with an illuminated or non-illuminated reticle, precision-quarter MOA adjustments with an impressive 100-MOA of elevation and 70-MOA of windage adjustment range. It also has a generous 3.1 to 3.5" eye relief along with almost 6" of mounting space. With a nominal weight of 27 ounces and a length of almost 15", this scope is as robust in size as it is in construction.

Nightforce’s SHV rifles cope comes with covered target turrets with 0.25-MOA adjustments and is available with an illuminated reticle. Nightforce is one of the best brand rifle scopes available to the public.

I’ve been using and testing two Nightforce SHV riflescopes for several months now and they’ve performed as impeccably as every other Nightforce scope I’ve tested. With a suggested price of $1,195 at the riflescope store for the illuminated version, and $995 for the non-illuminated version, this certainly isn't a cheap rifle scope though buying at this scope is a steal, which is exactly why I acquired one to use for accuracy testing the many rifles I have to evaluate. Now I know if I’m not shooting little groups its either the fault of the rifle, the ammo or me; never the rifle scopes and optics. Every gun writer should have reliable tools such as the Nightforce at their disposal.

The 4-14X power range of the Nightforce SHV should suit most every long-range shooter, hunter or varminter and those are the folks this was specifically built for.

Nightforce also manufacture a full range of accessories to compliment their scopes such as custom tapered bases, mirage tubes and ring sets. Nightforce have recently released their new Velocity 1000 reticles in 5.5-22 x 50mm and 56mm. The full range is as follows.

New is the updated COMPETITION 15-55x 52mm riflescope offering Hi-Speed adjustment via .125M0A increments, with 55 total MOA of travel elevation and 50 MOA windage (each rotation provides 10 MOA of adjustment. The patented Nightforce ZeroStop system is also standard. They also offer four new non-illuminated reticles, fast focus eyepiece, side parallex adjustment from 25 yards to infinity and outstanding ED glass.


Nightforce SVH rifle scopes for sale

The new 3-10x42 SHVTM riflescope is a perfect choice for those wanting value in a small package. The 3-10x magnification range and 42mm objective lens provide a practical solution to a wide range of applications from target shooting to big game and varmint hunting.

Offered with a choice of either the IHRTM (International Hunting Reticle) or the intelligent MOARTM reticle, giving the shooter the ability to tailor the 3-10x42 SHVTM to his specific shooting application.

Standard on the 3-10x42 SHVTM is a 30mm body tube, capped .25 MOA adjustments, a side parallax adjustment (25 yards to infinity) and a fast focus eyepiece. Experience the same premium quality and absolute precision only a Nightforce scope can deliver; now in a compact, more economical package.

Nightforce SVH Riflescope Shooter Hunter VarmintNightforce SHV Rifle Scope; This all-new 4-14 x 56 SHV (shooter, hunters, varmint) riflescope is the most affordable Nightforce riflescope to date offering the same Nightforce performance and quality for shooters and hunters. Available in two Nightforce designed reticles, it offers .25 MOA click value yielding 10MOA per revolution of the dial. Total travel is 100 MOA elevation and 70 MOA windage. This scope is available in an illuminated or non-illuminated reticle and fast focus eyepiece.

Nightforce Varmint NF Benchrest RiflescopeVarmint NF(Benchrest) series. Available - several reticle configurations including CH range and are more suited to target shooting. Available are; 8-32 x 56mm and the 12-42 x 56mm. Feature front parallax adjustment, 1/8 MOA.

Nightforce Varmint NXS RiflescopeNXS Series. Nightforce has incorporated new. high-speed adjustment into their popular line of NXS riflescopes effectively doubling the windage and elevation range per rotation. This means twice the adjustment speed, leading to faster target acquisition. In addition, the 8-32 x 56 and 12-45 x 56 are now available in two click value options. One with.250 MOA (VA MOA) adjustments: and the other with .125 MOA (1/8M0A) adjustments.

Available in several reticle configurations; 1-4 x 24mm, 3.5-15 x 50mm, 5.5-22 x 50mm, 5.5-22 x 56, 8-32 x 56mm (side parallax adjustment), 2.5-10 x 32mm. The 2.5-10 x 32 is also available with Velocity Ballistic reticle. A NEW compact rifle scope in the NXS series is the 2.5-10 x 42mm which also features side parallax adjustment. Price guide $1700.00 to $3300.

Nightforce ATACR 4-16 X 50mm Riflescope

Nightforce ATACR 4-16X50mm for sale

When Nightforce introduced its first ATACR riflescopes, they were immediately hailed as the ultimate precision instruments for long-range shooting by the military, tactical professionals, and civilian shooters.

The new ATACR 4-16X 50mm brings that same optimal performance to the hunter. Made in the USA, the ATACR 4-16X 50mm s fully multi-coated ED glass produces outstanding low-light performance, brilliant images, outstanding contrast, and razor-sharp clarity in a second focal plane design.

The 34mm tube allows 110 MOA/30 Mil-Radian of elevation adjustment. Other features include Nightforce's proprietary ZeroStop technology, DigIllum digital reticle illumination, side parallax adjustment (45 yards to infinity), and 0.25 M OA or 0.1 Mil-Radian elevation and windage adjustments, which can be matched to the MOA-based MOAR reticle or the Mil-Radian-based MIL-R reticle. The scope is 13.1 inches long and weighs 33.3 ounces.