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Digital Laser Rangefinder Improves Accuracy & Helps Conserve Ammunition Accurately Calculating Yardage

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The military laser range finder has added a new lethality to improve strategic artillary strikes and sniper shots through more accurate yardage distance measurement and strike calculations.

Today laser rangefinders have become so advanced that they are now integrated into many optical sighting equipment such as binoculars and rifle sights.

Having a laser range finder as a part of in field weaponry allows a higher liklihood of nutralizing the enemy along with conserving ammunition. It can also contribute to lessening stress under fire by the soldier being able to trust in the laser rangefinder to provide strike information quickly and accurately.

The civilian laser rangefinder becomes valuable for hunting expiditions, especially when attempting long range shots. Here the digital laser range finder scout assists in calculating distance, trajectory, and impact lethality. Commercially the laser rangefinder has many uses, especially in the construction industry giving way to the traditional tape measures and other estimation techniques.

From the field :: Hunting Essentials :: Laser Rangefinders

You cannot see as well with the naked eye as with a binocular. Look into thick cover and then look again with a 6x glass, and you will be amazed at how many openings, logs and other objects you failed to notice before come into focus. Game can see that well and even better.

One of the necessary qualities of a hunter's eye is proper perspective. When I first began hunting over 60 years ago, it was difficult for me to see game. The valleys were wide and the ridges far apart, yet the rarified atmosphere was so clear that objects stood out prominently at long distances.

In that clear mountain air I had no sense of how big rocks and trees might be or how far away. Before I obtained my first binocular, it took me a while to tell how far away a game animal was by its apparent size to my naked eye.

Many hunters who have done most of their shooting in forested areas are poor judges of distance on open country. They can't tell whether an animal is 200 or 600 metres away. Today we can correct this by using a laser rangefinder to check our naked eye judgement.

Laser rangefinders come in several makes and models and some give a direct reading for the distance as well as computing the bullet's trajectory. However, all the hunter really needs to know is the distance, which will tell him whether the game is within shooting range or he has to stalk closer. There are a number of affordable rangefinders that will do this.

Often game that shows up within shooting distance is alert, and there will be no need to range it. The ideal situation for using a laser rangefinder occurs when game is a long way off and undisturbed. This gives you plenty of time to range it and decide whether to risk a long shot or plan a stalk that will get you within sure hitting distance.

Rangefinders are excellent for helping you to establish distance firmly in your mind, if you take the trouble to make dry practice runs with them when you are not hunting. Look at an object with your naked eye and guess how far away it is, then check how accurate your estimate was.

The best way to prepare for a hunt is to spend a lot of time looking at objects through your binocular and rangefinder so that you can size them up quickly and efficiently. This applies not only to deer but to game a hunter should be familiar with in his home territory.

Devloping a good game eye may be easy or hard, depending upon your alertness, your ambition to excel as a hunter, and how hard you work at it. But your increased success and satisfaction will more than compensate you for your efforts.

Included in our above selection of laser rangefinders are a number of tactical laser sights to assist in acquiring targets with a visible dot signiture to mark the intended impact point. This can help with faster on target confirmation and low light situations where iron sights just can't compete. There are many different laser sighting systems each with a specific purpose, getting yours at these great prices can be very satisfying.

Military Laser Rangefinder Angle Compensation

The laser rangefinder can be used by the hunter, archer or even the golfer. Simply aim the laser rangefinder at your required target and recieve the required range information.

Laser Bore Sight Use And Instruction

Other products in this category are the laser bore sight to hone in your firearms accuracy with absolute pin point accuracy. We stock the best brands such as Nikon Laser Rangefinder, Bushnell Laser Rangefinders, Swarovski Laser Rangefinders and many more populars models such as the Scout 1000 ARC, Leica LRF 800 and some sporting military style camo coatings....

Vendor Samples...

Leupold :: RX-1000i TBR DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder

Leupold RX-1000 TBR Compact Digital Laser Rangefinder Camo

This lightweight, handheld, yardage rangefinder is a combat essential - it was specifically designed to greatly improve long range shooting, and generate accurate distances to longer range objects. The RX-1000i works best as a combat optic for a designated marksman or his spotter as it is limited to 1000 yards on reflective targets, but is very effective and consistent out to over 600 yards on soft targets.

The True Ballistic Range

(TBR) technology can be set up to give ballistic compensation in mils so it works quickly with the adjustments and mil-dot reticles on most DM-geared platforms. The optics are extremely clear and bright so it can be used as a 6X monocular as well. The RX-1000i employs an OLED dispiay which allows for 3X greater light transmission capability over competitive LCD screens, allowing for greater resolution in low light level situations. It weighs 8 ounces and uses CR2 lithium batteries.

How Do Laser Rangefinders WorkLaser rangefinders work by emitting laser beams at the push of a button. The beams bounce off distant objects and the rangefinder's high-speed clock measures the total time it took from when the beam left the unit untii it returned. Using that time measurement, the rangefinder calculates the distance and displays it to the user.

Ranging For The Modern Shooter

The old methods of range "estimation" have been largely replaced with laser rangeflnders. Knowing the exact distance to a long-range target is crucial, as a bullet's path or drop rate increases with distance. These tools have become advanced, with some models measuring well beyond any reasonable shooting distance and can even inform the shooter of uphill or downhill angles that reduce the effects of the earth's gravitational pull on the bullet's trajectory when compared to long-range shots over flat ground.

The Gunwerks "shooting system" includes a Laser Technology Trupulse G7 BR2 rangefinder. This unit has the ability to measure at distances out to 2,500 yards under ideal circumstances, but it also compensates for atmospheric conditions and gives a "corrected" yardage out to 1,400 yards. Reading wind speed and angle is also critical for long-range success, which can also be input into this unit for correction.

Leupold RX 1200i TBR/W Rangefinder

Leupold RX 1200i TBRW Laser Rangefinder Cheap

Compact and accuarate within 1/10th of a yard out to 1200 yards, the top product in Leupold's rangfinding line-up, gets you ranging right and ready for a confident shot.

The TBR (True Ballistic Range) and wind guage functions also tell you how much to compensate in elevation or drift according to calibre, your scope's zero distance, angle of shot and wind conditions, particularly if you are running Leupold's ballistic reticle.

I've been using the earlier 1000 model for a few years now and the sight picture is clear and the range-finding fast and accurate. It's also a very lightweight, compact and handy item you can keep close to hand if your binoculars don't have a range-finding feature.

A choice of reticles in a red that doesn't throwyour natural vision, 6x magnification, fully coated lenses, scan mode and a choice of yard and meter readings makes this one of the best choices among the current selection of dedicated rangefinders on the market.

Yeah, there are cheaper models, but in the last hour of light when you reach for your cheapie you'll be lucky if you can see anything let alone range effectively. This product does the job. And in bright orange camo, you're less likely to lose it when you put it down to take your shot.

Leupold Rangefinder RX 1200i TBRW DNA Laser For Sale


Opti Logic range finder

Originally designed for military and tactical purposes, the hunter-friendly Recon laser rangefinder features 6X magnification and a simple, easy-to-understand internal LCD display.

This unit ranges distances out to 1,000 yards. It also helps hunters hit what they aim at, because its VAC (Vertical Angle Compensation) technology compensates for the trajectory of arrows out to 120 yards and bullets out to 1,000 yards.

Sporting 6X magnification and an easy-to-read display, Opti-Logic's Recon laser rangefinder uses angle compensation software to help hunters compensate for trajectory.

Powered by a single long-life CR123A battery, the low-current draw of the compact and lightweight (less than 8 ounces) Recon will provide up to 2,500 "shots" on a single battery.

As with all Opti-Logic products, the Recon includes a full two-year warranty against manufacturer's defects. SRP: S359.95.

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