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I FIRST CAME ACR0SS THE KLARUS brand of flashlights and tactical lights about three years ago and have had a couple of models from them in my gear locker ever since. My most regularly used flashlight, whether it has been for every day use in my pocket or rifle mounted for airsoft, is an original grey bodied KLARUS XT 11; this wonderful taclite has given great service and is still going strong but I was excited to hear that it had been upgraded.

KLARUS may be a relatively new brand but the people behind the development and manufacture of these LED flashlights have been designing and making top end flashlights for years. They came together to share their knowledge and expertise in order to create some of the most exciting and innovative CREE LED flashlights in the world. KLARUS flashlights are innovative, precision machined illumination tools that are built to high standards and designed with both function and form in mind.

The latest version of the XT11 builds on all the great features of the original with improved performance and some great new twists. The XT11 Black Ops XM- L2 benefits from KLARUS'S dual button tail switch for complete one-handed control and it is superfast to switch between light level, momentary on and strobe functions, lit uses a powerful CREE XM-L2 and an "orange peel" reflector to give a smooth beam profile up to a maximum output of a whopping 820 ANSI Lumens; that's 220 Lumens more than my Version 1 XT11!

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The light is finished now in a deep matt black and features a steel strike bezel that can be unscrewed and removed for attaching accessories such as coloured filters.

The new XT11 also comes with both a belt clip and a handy black webbing pouch. With simple, fast operation, a maximum beam distance of 180m and a runtime of up to 13 hours this is one powerful flashlight and is built to last; with an RRP of $104.95 this is really a bit of a steal. But the good news doesn't end there! $124.95 will get you the new KLARUS XT12; this utilises a CREE XM-L2-U2 LED, delivering a HUGE maximum output of 930 ANSI Lumens, giving you more brightness than even the improved XT11. It's powered by a custom KLARUS 2600mAh 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery using a Samsung cell, designed to automatically align +/- polarity regardless of which way you insert the battery. There's a specially designed Direct Recharging function which means no need for battery removal or a charger, which makes the XT12 simple and light-weight; the patented self-locating Magnetic FAST Connection charging system is astounding too. (We offer some great reduced sale prices at the bottom of the page)

When the charging cable is within 1 cm of the charging port, it self-locates to make the connection. The charging cable can be removed quickly and safely at any timer which makes it an effective flashlight to use in rapid response situations. It uses a standard USB port for charging, so you can recharge at home, in the office, airport, vehicle or anywhere that has a USB charging port available. As with the XT11 it has the dual button tail cap for ease of user making switching between functions very fast indeed. It retains the strike bezel and is waterproof to 2m so all in all this is a solid, powerful piece of kit!

Klarus XT12 LED Flashlight

And last but not least comes another industry first from KLARUS; the TRIO Multi Outlet Pressure Switch. This accessory replaces the dual button tail cap which is fitted as standard to the XT range and is absolutely superb. The constant-on switch (circular button) is on the remote pressure pad, so there's no need to reach for the tail-cap of the flashlight to access the controls. The pressure switch provides multiple outputs and tactical momentary-on function. The constant-on switch also provides access to High-Mid-Low modes and strobe. There is a signal controlled switch which means no loss of efficiency. With many other remote switches the power efficiency is affected, which shortens the battery life and run time; in fact in super low standby mode (current 3uA) the switch consumes almost zero battery life! With the switch mounted to your rifle (there's a velcro fitting system included) ease of operation is simplified once you work out the easy to learn sequence and there's absolutely no need to move your hand. With a RRP of just $39.94 there is absolutely no reason I wouldn't add this to my tactical setup.

I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with these new additions and updates and I can see that I'll be continuing to use KLARUS lights in the future. There's a great lineup of models in the range, quite literally something for everybody and I'd urge to consider them when choosing a new Tactical LED flashlight.

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