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There are hunting situations where a telescopic sight is just not suitable. A good example of this is in thick cover where pigs and deer like to hide. A close encounter may be at less than ten yards and at this range one simply cannot do better than with open sights.

Unfortunately, the open sights supplied with some firearms leave a lot to be desired and give the impression that the manufacturer felt that they would be thrown away and replaced with a telescope anyway. Now there is an alternative.

AO Sight Systems produce a range of replacement open sights that cover a wide variety of firearms. On review I had a Ghost-Ring aperture set suitable for a Winchester Model 94 lever action rifle

Ghost ring sights are nothing new and have been popular for more than 100 years. When the shooter looks through a ghost ring, which is fitted to the rear, he/she should concentrate on the front sight. With that sight in focus, the rear sight will then appear as a slightly fuzzy ring. The shooter's eye will naturally centre the image of the front sight within this ring. It may sound complicated, but in practice it works very well.

Very comprehensive instructions as to how to fit these sights are supplied in the kit, along with a hard plastic drift for moving the front sight and a tube of Red Loctite 262 to make sure that everything stays put.

For the lever action, the rear sight supplied simply screws into the rear scope base holes. The front sight replaces the existing set-up and may need some minor filing to ensure a snug fit. Obviously the front sight will be a semi permanent fit, so there are clear instructions as to how the adjust it before Loctiting it into position.

For the rear sight, adjustments for right and left movement are controlled by two opposing screws. Each 180-degree turn will move the point of impact about one inch at 100 yards. Two ghost rings are provided and may be interchanged with a minimum of effort.

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