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The Tactical Survivalist understands that having the right equipment and the right training leads to the right outcome. When in combat situations, whether it be a urban assault, field operations or survival hunting, having the right plan is essential. While TV and movies may portary the ultimate soldier as being able to improvise with endless options, when comparing to real life situations from urban SWAT response teams to desert warefare in Afghanistan - the truth reveals quite a different situation.

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TACTICAL - Combat/Police

"any mode of procedure for gaining advantage or success"

That being a person with the right plan using the right equipment.

Preparing for SWAT, Special Ops or Military Operations requires a high degree of planning and physical training to sucessfully execute combat operations in desert, forrest and urban warefare situations.

Being prepared with the right equipment could be the difference between success and failure - read our many rifle scope buying guides. Not only should you consider better ways to perform certain duties, but also better and more suitable equipment. Find all your essential mission critical tactical gear here at the Tactical Survivalist - including tactical knives for sale online.

The Tactician is one who not only prepares with the right tactical equipment, but also the right planning to execute an operation as either the initiator or respondant to an attack. Starting with the basic rules of combat combined with physical and psychological preparedness the tactical fighter is ready for most forms of agressive confrontation. Not only do they rely on weaponry, but also supportive equipment to assist throughout the entire operation. Coupled with the addition of unarmed combat skills along with being able to recognize potentially dangerous situations the tactical fighter learns to fight with both mind and body to complete their mission. His/her tools, from AR15/M16 to the rifle scope mounted on it are the operating instruments. A tactical flashlight and combat knife accompny them into war...

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"one who makes preparations to survive a catastrophe"

Many of the world's most famous survivalist - Les Stroud of Survivorman - Cody Lundin of Duel Survivor and Bear Grylls of Man vs Wild all know what it takes to survive any situation in any climate. Having the right training and knowledge coupled with basic survival gear gives you every chance to make it through.

Learn the essential life sustaing techniques in the latest survival tips and survivalist supplies. Knowledge is not only power, but also the most effective life preserving tool that any person can rely on. Where some see a problem, others will see a solution - become a survivor and be prepared in any emergency.

The Survivalist is one who's strengths lie in their ability to adapt to any life threatening situation while keeping sight of the initial situation or operation. Emergency preparedness and the abilty to react in a logical and calm way regardless of the situation is essential to a positive outcome. Where the average person may see a desert as a death sentence, the survivalist will see opportunity for survival from creating shelter to finding food and water sources to sustain life with basic bushcraft skills along with their survival knife and ultimately, evade the situation and return to normality. This is more that simply reading a survival guide, it comes from full emergency preparedness from practicing survivalist techniques to accumulating specific survival equipment. The Tactical Survivalist provides you the necessary combat gear cheap and the best survival gear to help you succeed in your combat mission or survival response situation at home or abroad.

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Tactical and Survivalist - They go hand in hand

Tactical Mission Survival

The tactical fighter has a mission which will put them in testing, unfamiliar and hostile environments. Getting in, getting the job done, and getting out again can be partially calculated by the strength of a plan along with it's supporting equipment. Past this, it lies in the hands of a soldiers ability and lastly, fate.

Should fate play it's nasty part and the mission deviate from the plan, survivalism needs to kick in - and fast! Not only do your skills and physical performance play an important part in carrying out a tactical operation but they also need to help you escape, evade and elude any threat whether they be human, environmental or other. This is where survival skills are an essential part of the initial mission plan. From hand to hand combat to emergency medical and first aid proceedures along with standard bushcraft and wilderness survival or desert survival skills, this can be often the difference between leaving the situation alive - or not...

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Buy military gear cheap and police gear at civilian prices! Our aim is to provide the best possible combat gear for the soldier, hunter or special ops warrior and also the most useful survival knives for the survivalist. Read our interview about the specialist SAS skills of the UK's Bear Grylls with his TV series.

When considering a tactical pack for a combat mission or hunting expedition equal attention should be paid to the simplist items such as first aid kit (IFAK) to the more work orientated devices and tools such as laser rangefinder binoculars, the military tactical knife or a survival knife, you can also buy body armour online through our store.

Shop online and save on all your infantry fighting combat gear for sale available direct to the public stocking some of the best brands like Condor Tactical Gear and the ever popular 5.11 Tactical Gear. We also carry a wide range of gun optics, Vipertek stun guns, military gas masks and long range rifle scopes for every tactical need.

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See How It Is In The Real World

Weapons of war and tools of survival - all developed through human necessity - we are all survivalists

War, hunting and survivalism have very close ties throughout history. Each can show innovation that has crossed over to another to provide a better way in which to complete an operation or better tools for which to do it with. Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vests and Ballistic Plates at Unbeatable Prices!

Today, affordable military quality tactical optics equipment such as night vision goggles is readily available at reasonable prices and most of the areas now share reasonably equal footing on what is available for a particular purpose (weapons excluded for obvious reasons - though de-tuned equivalents are often avaialble). With this in mind there is no reson to put yourself in a situation unprepared, your life depends on it!


Modern .338 rounds include the .338 Win Mag, the .338 Norma Magnum and the now world-renown .338 Lapua, widely regarded as one of the best of, if not the best, of the long range tactical rounds. These .338 loads however are way too grunty for average size hunting game, producing what most US hunters would consider excessive muzzle blast and recoil.

...the .338 calibre does offer superior long range ballistics among calibres that are considered suitable for rifles.

The United States military, having known how good the .338 cal is ever since the 1950s, has finally decided to adopt it for the battlefield. General Dynamics Corp is developing a .338 light machine gun to fill the gap between the current .30 cal and .50 cal guns. The LWMMG (lightweight Medium Machine Gun) is chambered in .338 Norma and designed to engage targets, light vehicles and personnel, at ranges out to 1700 metres.

How good is the .338 cartridge? The Norma round has a maximum range of over five and a half kilometres (no other round rifle round can shoot as far), and at 1000 metres it has almost twice the power of the .308 Nato.



As the world turns or disintegrates, depending on whether you have an eco-friendly, holistic global warming approach to life on this planet, or — heaven forbid — view life from a rational, empirical, evidence-based perspective, the words we use to describe the various disciplines of our profession mutate as well. And the seeds of confusion are thus sewn.

An illustration : Several years ago members of a privately funded, paramilitary force, inserted into a "foreign" country, for whatever reason — suppression, protection services — were called mercenaries. In some quarters they still are, but the meaning of the word, strongly influenced as applied, or misapplied, by the media, becomes muddled when attempts are made to simultaneously describe both private security endeavors in support of nation-building and mercenary force operations, sometimes in the same region. It gets more confusing when the same companies offer both "services." (I recommend John Irvin's 1981 Dogs of War for cinematic clarity, at least, regarding the meaning of "mercenary ")

The Definition

Are these men and women thoughtful professionals, surrendering a significant chunk of their lives, not to mention exposure to enormous personal risk as they volunteer to assist our government to stabilize broken institutions overseas? Or, "person(s) who takes part in an armed conflict who is not a national of a Party to the conflict and is motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a Party to the con diet, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party" (the definition of mercenary according to Wikipedia!)?

The recent travails of Black water and the attendant media frenzy further blur the distinction between what is and is not a mercenary. Or is there a distinction? What's the difference between the operations of a private security team helping to train a police force in Afghanistan and a private security team in Baghdad assigned to protect US diplomats? Both are, usually, armed. Both are populated by former military types, and/or current or former law enforcement officers. Both are in country as a direct result of a critical inability on the part of local government to protect its own borders, institutions, and people.


Those who employ the modern "mere" shy away from the term mercenary: The post 9-11 world has seen a remarkable expansion of specialized forms of private security contractor, the so-called private military company, or PMC. Blaekwater, Dyneorp, ArmorGroup, Control Risks have expanded the role of private-sector protective security to fill gaps left in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and elsewhere. This has led to some interesting and controversial exploits having implications for the security profession.

It has also led to less controversial — as judged by the media and many American politicians, who need little reason to fault US government, US corporations, and certainly anyone who bears arms for a living — but spectacularly horrifying deaths — of PMC employees, Blaekwater, for example — whereas only alleged deaths at the hands of Blaekwater rate non-stop media scrutiny and Congressional eondem nation. Was there a Senate hearing when four American Blaekwater team members were slaughtered and burned in Fallujah? If so, I blinked and missed it entirely.


The rise of the private security company in emerging nations, war zones and high-risk areas has created a new breed of private soldiers, armed mercenaries, security guards, and companies who have the license to resort to full-scale violence if attacked. But are they the same people? Are all  those disciplines fairly and accurately lumped together? When does a private security contractor providing protective or intelligence services in emerging markets to an MNC (sorry, multi-national corporation) cease being a consultant and become a mercenary? Is it a matter of intent? Does the identity or nationality of the MNC matter?

In the eyes of many "they" constitute freelance and mostly unregulated warriors who operate with, at best, murky legal restraint. (Wise elders in the US Congress recently passed legislation placing any such PMC, of US origin, under the laws of the United States). The commercial provision of an armed force has become a standard way of doing business, as well as the potential for creating a supplemental tool of foreign policy. This isn't a new idea; you only have to know the history of American business, and note the private security amis of economic icons such as Ford, or, on behalf of US agri-businesses in Central America in the late twenties, the US Marine Corps, to realize our government has influenced public policy with such means, internally and externally, for well over a hundred years.

Is there a need to find a proper place for "PMC" organizations? Does congressional oversight help? Was it ever? What's the impact, if any, on the security profession?

In the next installment we'll break this out further and interview several real people whose mercenary actions are the sum and substance of the debate and the center of the controversy.